Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Mile in 7 Minutes

Last night, I posted this tweet on Twitter:

"I had a dream where I met Jillian Michaels and asked her if she wanted to play Doodle Jump with me, she said after we work out first"

A few moments later I got this back

"Jillian Michaels @groovygirl1140 Yes work out first, doodle jump later?"

Believe me, I was beyond ecstatic! I showed hubby, LOOK Jillian Michaels responded to me on Twitter! ME!!

It was true though, I really did have a dream where I met her (in Walmart) and she made me and a bunch of other people work out for a while (in Walmart) and I was so excited to meet her.

Anyway, after that I felt like a lazy slob being on Twitter at 1 in the morning, so I decided today would be an intense work out day. It's beautiful, sunny, and 90 degrees out.

If I had gotten a little gas money, I would have gone home to see my parents and take their dog, Goober out for a walk. He's my baby bruddah, so I like to spoil him when I come over :)

Unfortunately that didn't work out, so my back up plan was to go to the fitness center in our complex and run on the Elliptical machine for a mile or ten minutes, whichever I came to first. If someone was on the machine when I went, I was going to walk on the trail near our apartment.

I took a bottle of water with me. I was wearing a pair of maroon sweatpants (they were the only ones with pockets) and I knew it was 90 degrees out. It's not that far of a walk to the office, so I decided that I would be ok. I figured it was air conditioned in there, so I wouldn't even notice. It's also in the basement, which makes it cooler than if it were on the ground level.

No one was there (lucky me, or I'd have left) and I got on the elliptical. It was a daunting machine. A behemoth.

When I stood on it I could touch the ceiling. Literally! I turned it on to "burn calorie" mode and began a slow pace. It's really hard to control pace on that as it's sort of like riding a bike, the more you pedal, the faster you go, and before you know it, the pedals are making YOU go.

Anyway, it tells you the time, the distance, the calories burnt, how many strides per minute you are doing and it even has a fan, that doesn't point at any specific direction, but its a nice thought.

I ran for a whole mile in 7 minutes and 20 seconds. I was so exhausted, I checked my heart rate on the machine and I was pushing into the "danger zone". I felt light headed and really weak, so I decided to call it done.

I felt guilty that I couldn't do more, or even ten minutes, but hey! It's not worth passing out over.

Also: it's the first time I've ran this summer. In pants. A mile in 7.5 minutes!
When I was in high school and 80 lbs lighter, I could never finish a mile in under 8 minutes, which was their standard for "healthy and active lifestyle"

If I couldnt run a mile in under 8 minutes when I was 16 and 150 lbs but I can run one in under 8 minutes now that I am almost 23 and 225 lbs what does that say? (Besides my weight correlating with my age GASP)

I think I am a little fitter today than I was yesterday :)

Now if you dont mind I am going to go lay in front of the fan


  1. A tweet from Jillian?! That is so cool. Sounds like it definitely inspired a great elliptical workout! This heat is killing me. I don't think I can expect any 'personal best' runs until things cool off a little. The weather dudes have been threatening thunder storms all week, but no sign of them yet!

  2. That is fantastic! Not only about the Jillian tweet, but about the 7.5 min/mile as well! Congrats missy!

    PS: Following you on twitter now. @MiaY238

  3. The elliptical has always been my fav...since I could do it for the longest, it was my guaranteed calorie shred.


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