Saturday, October 9, 2010


Its no secret that I love questionnaires. And its no secret that I will spend hours at a time answering questions.

Hubby and I have been thinking on getting a dog, but we don't want one until the spring. Walking a pup in the snow does not sound like fun.

Anyway, hubby has his heart set on a Corgi. And if you've never seen these dogs, well...

They're kind of funny lookin'. But I have been researching the breed and it turns out that they can be great apartment dogs. Also they are highly intelligent. And they are herding dogs, believe it or not. Those short stubby legs can run, jump, dance, twist, and any other number of things.  If you aren't keen on showing the dog at competitions thats ok too.

They have lots of energy too- Another reason to wait til spring, as we can walk up and down the trails that run by the apartment all day long. Theres also a few parks close by, including a new one they opened up a few years ago, with sprinklers and stuff.

I decided that I am not going to make a rushed decision about where we get this dog, or if we get this dog. Its almost a sure thing we're getting a dog though. I think we're more excited about a dog than children. Haha.

I did a little reading on the breed, what sort of congenital (hereditary) diseases they are prone to, and what other health issues they may have, whether or not they bark a lot (its a mixed review on that) and just how intelligent they are. Turns out they are VERY intelligent and easy to train. A Golden retriever ranks #4 in the smartest dog list and a Corgi is a little lower, at #11, between Australian Shepherds and Miniature Schnauzers. (A border collie is number 1, in case you wondered.)

Then I researched price, and breeder locations. I know my parents got their golden (lovingly dubbed my little brother) from a reputable breeder and Goober is very sweet (even by breed standards) so I knew I wanted to go that route.

I looked in the tri-state area (turns out, not so many Corgi breeders in the Midwest) and fired off a bunch of emails. I found a breeder that I like the most, and her prices arent that much more than the others (Shh dont tell her, she thinks she's expensive... ) and I love how well she socializes the pups. She even plays a cd of thunderstorms, children screaming and playing, and other dogs barking to get the dog desensitized so it isnt yappy. How effin' cool is that?! She also includes a book, a toy, and a crate as well. Talk about the motherload! She was one of the 7-8 breeders in my area and I fired off an email. She responded quickly and even sent a questionnaire!

How exciting!

It was the usual questions. "Why do you want a Corgi?" and "Who will take care of him?" but there was also a question about Fluffies. Fluffies are Corgis who have longer fur than others, and in the show ring and in the breed standard, its considered "bad". They suffer from a recessive gene that causes their fur to be longer and feathered. They dont have more fur, just longer fur.

Breeders will not breed any dog that is a fluffy, as they are trying to weed that trait out I guess. It's also been said that the fluffies have a tendency to be the "class clowns" and seem to know they are different. But I dont care if we have a fluffy or a standard breed. (although she offers them at a discounted price, so that may be a determining factor)

She even said that she was having a litter in December, which would make the puppies about 10 weeks old in late February/early March, depending on when they are born. How exciting!

I hope she gets back to me soon with more information.

Hubby said I could even dress him up in sweaters and such haha :)

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  1. This is one of my favorite blogs. When you see the post for today , you will see why. Alicia had her original Corgi named Audrey that was incredible that you can read about in older posts. You will be sold on corgis after this.


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