Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday Sunday SUNDAY

I got this message from my mom

"Your dad wants to know if Brian will go to the monster truck rally with him tomorrow"
"noon to 5"
"I told him I think you work"

(ok, I lied, she always sends me multiple messages)

Anyway so I ask my husband if he will go. I think its great that my dad likes him so much (but honestly, who couldn't?) and its equally great that Brian likes my dad so much (but honestly, who couldn't?)
I may be a tad biased.

Brian said he would go and my dad said he would pay his way! YAY double bonus! Male bonding and free tickets! I went to one with my dad a few years ago and it was great. But, lets face it, senseless destruction and nachos are always great!

So thats whats going on today. I'm stuck at home and my two favorite guys are out having a blast. I know it says Sunday but its today. Like the old commercials.

I texted him a little bit ago and asked if he was having fun and I didn't get a reply right away and I got a short and sweet "Yeah"

Now that doesn't seem to me that he is having fun, but since I know my husband rarely answers if he is having a good time, and if he does answer, its very short and probably only one word, I know that he is in fact having a good time :)

Tomorrow my parents and grandma are coming over for lasagna and brownies. Next weekend, my dad is going to help Brian change the oil. More male bonding! YAY!

The strange thing is... Thursday, hubby and I were talking and saying how we should learn to change the oil. And I suggested well we can always ask my dad, he's changed my oil loads of times and can tell you how to do it plus it would make him feel all important. Hubby said that he was looking for a buddy too haha

So its all very cute.

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