Friday, October 15, 2010


They say if you write a grocery list and stick to it you will save money.
They also say you should calculate what you are spending as you go, if you're on a budget.

I've done one better: My local store has a "shopping list" feature where you can add all the groceries you like to it and how many of each item you would like. It tells you how many items are on your list and the estimated cost* of your whole cart. How freaking awesome is that?

Note: Estimated cost means "before taxes and discounts" 

I also spent the day looking at my favorite brands of groceries and necessities and printing off coupons directly from the manufacturer.

We never finished our grocery shopping from the other night- we werent able to get any meat because something either happened to the refrigerated shelves or they were cleaning them, but when we got there there wasn't any meat. AT ALL. The guy was packing it all away. Sad. :(

Its been a few days so we are headed back tonight to pick up the rest of our meats.

My parents and grandma are coming up on Sunday so I need to make sure I have everything ready for lasagna and the house clean. I don't want them to think I'm messy. Hahahahaha

I'm making my "world famous" lasagna, with garlic bread, and chocolate brownies with vanilla frosting for dessert. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to make these items a bit healthier and I am going to need all the help I can get! My super picky dad wont know what hit him (until he's complemented me on the meal and then I tell him that he ACTUALLY ate veggies) mwahahahaha

Dont feel bad for him though. I've been tricking him into eating things he's said he's hated for years. And he always likes it.

I'm thinking I will frost my brownie like this: obliterate blueberries in the magic bullet and mix with the vanilla frosting so I can sneak in some fruit too. I wonder if I should do that for all the brownies... hmmm.... decisions.

Haven't heard back from my prospective employer yet, but it is a city job and it is friday, so I doubt they even glanced at it. I will have to follow up with an email and a phone call some time next week.

I can't imagine you need a lot of experience to be a crossing guard! Arent the requirements like... stand there and hold a sign? Blow your whistle? pick up the book/glove/comic book a kid drops?

I am pretty sure I can do all of that. Pick me! I'll do it! Its been posted since February so I am hoping that I get it hehe :)

Mamma needs a new corgi

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  1. Okay....that lasagna meal sounds soooo good. I'm too hungry to be reading stuff like this! ha ha


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