Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weight Watchers- Week 3 Weigh In

I'm a loser, baby! I'm down another 1.2 lbs this week! YAY! That puts me at total weight change of 9.6 lbs! I am so so close to losing 10 lbs. Next week is my week! I am also really close to my 5% goal, which is 11.5 lbs! I'm 1.9 away! I should have this in the bag soon!

So here we go. Let's take a look-see at my weekly tracker and my weight tracker. 

On this, I highlighted the days I went over.

No need for highlights on this- that downward slope says it all!

Yay! How exciting! Wednesdays are really a great weigh in for me. I think it helps that its in the middle of the week, so it sort of helps if I have a big weekend (like Sunday, when my family came over)

I'd also like to point out that I could not have done this without Weight Watchers. In only 3 weeks, I lost 9.6 lbs (that's an average of 3.2 a week!!!) I struggled for a year to get below 225 on the scale. Up down up down up down.... the same few pounds over and over again.

I thought I was broken. How could I not do this on my own? I see everyone else on Blogworld doing it just fine and here's me, forever fat and frump (thats a good blog name) and I just felt despair. I thought I was "resorting" to Weight Watchers when I joined. Like how some people "resort" to Jenny Craig/Nutrisystem/etc

It's not that way anymore. That's not how I feel. At first I was dreading it. But then I remembered, long ago, I joined WW with my mom and in not trying, I lost 15 lbs. Without! Trying! Imagine how much I can lose this time?? Exciting to think about!!

I know my problem is portion distortion. I know that's what it is because I don't eat a lot of unhealthy things. I've entirely cut pizza out of my diet. I rarely have thoughts of cheese fries (at 13 pts a serving? no thanks) and I eat more chicken than I did before. That's saying a lot. I don't eat all my fruits and veggies but I'm working on that. Without Weight Watchers, I wouldn't have known what a portion was. Sure I can't just eyeball it all now, and I don't want to. I bought a cool kitchen scale and I intend on using it as much as possible.

Yay me!

My name is Christie, and I'm a recovering foodie. I've been on the plan for three weeks and I am seeing positive results.


  1. Hurray for another great loss! You are really rocking the program.

    I know what you mean about feeling like you're resorting to WW. I felt the same way! But once I got the hang of it, I embraced it. WW works. :-)

  2. WW Rocks and its not a diet its a life plan you really do learn how to control food not let it control you Keep it up I know you are going to do it


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