Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Changes

I've noticed some changes in my body. Some non-scale victories, if you will. I've had plenty of scale victories, so I will share a few more.

-Underneath my enormous bosom, there was a layer of fat on top of my ribcage. I couldn't feel my ribs at all. Now I can and that layer of fat is slowly melting away. There is a little divot in the skin where my breastbone is. Exciting! I noticed but didn't say anything until one night when Brian mentioned it first. It's really neat when your partner tells you something they noticed.

-My stomach is obviously smaller. This is where I store all my fat (besides my naturally ample arse) so my boobs/hips are looking a lot bigger because I actually have a waist now. It is noticeable!

-Along the same lines as my stomach shrinking- when I suck my stomach in, it actually moves! Which means there is less fat in between the muscle and skin and therefore I can suck in now! Pretty sad when you can't tell when a person is sucking in :(

-My clothes are really getting too big now. I have to stop and constantly yank up my pants. I need to find my belts and see if they fit so I can keep my pants on! It's hard to look sexy dancing when you stop and pull up your pants Urkel style.

-I feel a lot sexier. I can't stop touching my curves, my legs, looking into the mirror for long periods of time. I've always been a little narcassistic but now it's just getting ridiculous. I can't wait until I am even thinner.

-I'll let you in on a little secret: I can't eat as much as I used to either! We went out to a pizza joint and got an x-large pizza, two salads (mine was huge) and an order of breadsticks. The reason we ordered so much food was we had to spend $35 to use this $25 gift certificate. I ate a third of my salad (grilled chicken, green onion, mushroom, cheddar cheese with low-fat ranch over iceberg lettuce - 6 pts) two breadsticks (4 pts each) and 1 piece of pizza and I was stuffed! (pizza- thin crust, pepperoni, mushroom, easy cheese, onion and green pepper- 6 pts)

I didn't eat anything else all night!

I did have a diet Pepsi and it tasted like heaven on earth. How am I going to go back to my tea/lemonade mix??

So there you go some NSVs to tide you over until tomorrows weigh in (which is awesome, I assure you)

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  1. that IS awesome. I know how you feel. My waistline has recently made a reapperance, so it's good stuff.


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