Monday, November 15, 2010

Stress and the effects on the body and mind

Or as I like to call it, my weekend.

My poor gramma is going to freak when she reads this....

As you know I got hired into a super awesome job this weekend. I am so excited about this job, I know that I will do really well in it (if you blow your interviewer out of the water, thats a good sign) I want to be prepared.

Being prepared. It sounds so confident and awesome, doesn't it? Well the reality is I have been flailing around like a drunken idiot who also happens to have a sudden case of amnesia. I can't remember anything. Anything. At all.

Some examples include:

1. leaving the stove burner on low heat for 5 hours
2. forgetting where I put the controller/remote/phone/pen/glass/etc the moment I set it down
3. telling Brian the same thing multiple times in a row, and not realizing I had told him already
4. forgetting basic English, grammar, and sentence structure. Seriously. I could not remember what "chicken nuggets" and "french fries" were called. I asked Brian if he wanted me to make him "uhm ...those thingies you dip into ranch and that other thing you dip in whats it called ketchup"

Not to mention the technical trouble I was having with the printer! Thankfully, it's all sorted now. I got all my paperwork done as well and faxed it over from my fax machine in my office.

Add that into one bad eating day where I ate a bunch of fast food and you are looking at a 2.5 lb gain!
UGH. I am calling shenanigans though. I know I didn't eat 2.5 lbs worth of food that day, and I am pretty sure it's just stress and water retention. I have since been eating only at home and only what I have logged into Weight Watchers. (Thankfully, I've gone down .8 lbs since yesterday)

I thought it was going to be 9 am-5 pm, as that is what I was told before but it turns out that it is actually going to be 2-10 pm. Which works out great for me. I don't have to alter my sleeping habits at all for this job. This rocks! My hours will be 1-9:30 pm when I get out of training. Know what is special about these hours? These hours are the *exact* same that my husband works! Yay!

I have everything done that I can do now. I am just so anxious to start. I think I will go and get some sleep now. I am so tired. I didn't sleep well at all last night because I was so worried if I would get all my paperwork done in time. I had to notarize it as well.

But I will leave you with something exciting (?... at least I think its exciting)

This week I have tried several new things:

1- applying for a job that I didn't think I was qualified for (and got hired!)
2- drank regular sweet tea with raspberry added (delish)
3- bought and juiced 3 pomegranates (awesome)
4- tried two new recipes
5- drank regular coffee with a dash of creamer and 2 packets of splenda. (also good)

There. That makes this a positive post :) See Gramma, I'm not stressed out at all! I'm doing good :) Now that everything is taken care of until the 23rd, there is no reason to worry. Right? Right.


  1. lol no worries love u :>) gramma

  2. Christie!!!! So exciting about your new job! And having the same hours as Brian is fantastic too! It's so hard to see your husband when you work opposite schedules. Congratulations and good luck. :)


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