Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving, Day 2

Well I do have to say that I ate a lot more today than I did yesterday, more likely because the food appealed to me more.

I had chocolate covered peanut butter balls (3), a slice of chocolate cake, cheese ball with crackers, ham, mashed potatoes, potatoes o'brien (I think?) and chicken alfredo lasagna. My cousin is basically allergic to tomatoes, so they have chicken alfredo lasagna for her. It's pretty good. There were also dinner rolls, green bean casserole, etc.

I had no idea how much I ate. I just took all my daily points (28) and all my weekly (27.5) and said that I used them all. I am sure I didn't but you never know.

Better to be safe than sorry, I guess.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down again, by a lot, 1.2 lbs. I have been making sure the last few days that I get my DRA of fiber. I've been munching on my fiber tablets (orange creme flavoured) during training for my job and I eat an english muffin every morning with 6-8g depending on the type. I made ham and bean soup with pinto beans and the beans have 14g per serving. Things are moving along like they should be.

I am so tired, partly because of the food baby I am carrying now and partly because I havent slept well the last couple days, we've been super busy.

Things coming up this week:

-Tomorrow I am dying my hair. Again. I'm going to go for something really cute and sort of exciting. I've been thinking about it for 48 hrs now, and have made up my mind.
-I'm also going to upload some videos of me doing Dance Central. I have some pre-recorded ones I will throw up on YouTube, and I am also planning on doing a vlog. Not sure about what though, that's still in the works.
-I am going to take advantage of my long weekend and buy some tupperware, get some groceries, and cook up a bunch of meals, portion them, freeze/refrigerate them.

Things I could have improved on over Turkey Day(s)

-I said I was going to exercise in the morning. I was a big fat liar.
-I didn't eat before going. I drank coffee instead,
-I passed up fried turkey but I ate 3 peanut butter globs and a slice of chocolate cake. I should have had the turkey instead lol


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  1. i understand why you ate , everything tasted oh so good . It was great to see everyone . love you gramma :>)you looked very pretty today


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