Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chicken and Noodle Soup

I have been craving soup. Mostly because its a million degrees below zero. So I was going to make a big pot of chicken stock and then you know, add some stuff to it to make soup.

Here's what I have:

-3 large chicken breasts (8-12 oz each)
-3/4 large onion, cut into chunks
-2 carrots, cut into chunks
-4 pieces of celery
-handful of cremini mushrooms
-3 T of garlic powder
-Sprinkle of red pepper flakes
-Water to cover
-salt, pepper to taste

Crank it on high until it boils then simmer until chicken is fork-tender. Strain any foam from the top. Pull out chicken and set aside. Strain solids from the broth. Let the broth cool and skim any fat from the top. Or take a turkey baster and suck the broth out from under the fat. Whichever. Return broth to pot. Shred chicken with 2 forks. Add noodles. I am using bow ties. Add shredded chicken and cook until al dente and chicken is heated through.

Ladle that delicious soup into a bowl. Butter a piece of bread and pop in your favorite dvd. Snuggle with a furry friend or your significant other.

Usually when I make chicken and noodles I use cream of chicken. I like it to be a creamy noodle instead of a brothy soup, but this time I wanted broth and lots of it.

Let me know what you think

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