Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All Of Us

I have mentioned before that Brian is a graphic designer who does a lot of free lance work.

My grandma has been bugging us for years to all get together and do a family photo. But we arent really professional photo kind of people, so my mom asked Brian to draw us together and this is what he came up with

From left to right
Riley the dog, Amanda, Anthony, Liz, Uncle Shane,
Max the dog, Brian, me, Gramma
Mom Dad and Goober the dog

Since my mom posted that on her blog, he's gotten a few commissions and here are some others that he has done. I have more I'd like to post, but I was forbidden from putting them on line hehe

He also did the artwork for Kyle's banner at Getting Better and Better.

Kyle's banner is awesome!

If you would like Brian to do a caricature of yourself or friends/family/pets, you may do so! It is $15 per person/animal, and backgrounds are included in the price.

You can email him at befarrar85 AT gmail dot com and place in the subject line "art" so he knows it's for you!

You may also check out his other artwork and if you would like to commission anything else (such as a portrait of Marilyn Monroe!) you can see examples on his portfolio here and contact him.

I want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to the people who have already requested a commission. You have no idea how rewarding it is to be paid doing what you love and I know that he is over the moon about this :) A happy husband = happy me so thank you all so much!



  1. omg they are awesome! love it.. going to tell my hubby about this :)

  2. Wow, these are really cute! Very cool...Me and bf cant' seem to get it together to get pics taken. I will definitely be looking into this. ;)


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