Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lip Service

I constantly suffer from chapped lips. I think it's because I pretty much chew on them all day long and they never get any better.

I am also constantly buying chap stick and Carmex and trying every new thing on the market to heal my lips, only to end up washing it in the laundry.

I recently rediscovered my first love. No this isn't about Facebook stalking exes, I mean I discovered my first beauty product I fell in love with all over again.

It's Burt's Bees and I fell in love sometime circa 7th grade. I love this stuff! 100% all natural lip care and it smells great. It works fantastic! Back then, it was pretty rare to see something made "all natural" so of course it was kind of expensive. Actually, it still is, maybe I just have more spending money?

Anyway at $3 a tube of lip balm, it better work, right? It does, and beautifully so. I got the Burt's Bees honey lip balm.

The ingredient list is fairly short, and easy to read. It is all natural of course.

Beeswax, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, lanolin, flavor, honey, tocopherol, rosemary leaf extract, soybean oil, canola oil.

I had no idea what "tocopherol" was and I was pretty sure that this was a case of "one of these things doesn't belong" so I Googled it on the spot. I know, I am a genius. Thank god for smart phones!

It's vitamin E. More specifically, its a series of chemicals in organic compounds... blah blah blah, okay it's natural, I get it.

After slathering it on my face while I was at the ATM waiting for the person in front of me to finish their bid-ness, I could tell that this was going to be my new best friend. After all, who doesn't want more kisses from their sexy husband!

The smell lasts a long time too. And it smells like summer. Like sunflowers, coconuts, honey and rosemary. (Gee, I wonder why?)

I even convinced Brian to try it on and he said that "it smelled good" and he liked "how it felt." If that is not compelling evidence, I don't know what is haha!

I love this stuff. Maybe if I email them and ask really nicely they might hand me out some more products to review! What do you think, Burt? ;)

What about you? What's your favorite skin/lip care product?

*I honestly wish I could say I was paid or endorsed to write this review, unfortunately I had to use my own $3 therefore all of the opinions in my blog are mine and mine alone. 


  1. Try the pomegranate one, it's fantastic! And it has a subtle pink hue that leaves your lips a little more vibrant. ::)

  2. My favourite is oil of olay Gamma has used it for years and we all know she has great skin

  3. I love all Bert's Bees products. My beau uses all of their Men's facial products. :)

  4. The Burts Bees tinted ones are nice too! :)


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