Friday, March 4, 2011

Keys, Please!

Today is a really really busy day!!

I have to....

*Pick up the keys to the new place and pay rent
*Pack up the rest of the stuff in the bathroom (shampoo, towels, hair products, make up)
*Go get my tire fixed and put back on my car
*Clean the bathrooms
*Finish scrubbing the kitchen
*Tear apart the futon, bed and figure out if we can do the same with the couch.
*Pack up the kitchen appliances (microwave, etc)
*Vacuum everything
*Get gas. Possibly go to my parents and pick up a dolly/drop off the clothes to my grandma. Have to call to find out if I can.
*Load up the clothes I am giving away
*Load up the boxes
*Move everything except the furniture

.....uh, yeah. Busy day.

Saturday's agenda is equally as crazy. I have to take Max to my Aunt and Uncles so they can watch him and he's out of the way, my dad is following me back home and Brian's friends are going to load up the furniture in his truck, drive it to the new place (across the parking lot hahaha) and move it back. Meanwhile-I will be on clean up crew and picking up what is left over, and empty the fridge

Dad's going to supervise. haha

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  1. Remember to track! You burn LOTS of calories moving!


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