Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Meh Day? Change to a ME Day!

The weather always makes me feel a little 'meh' especially when it is doing like it is today: Raining, bouncing around the lower 30's threatening to turn into freezing rain, cold, and uhm generally gross outside.

I had a few errands to do today and I did them. I also decided while I was out and about I would go tanning. Now, I am extremely pale. Years of sitting sedentary in front of screens has rendered my skin porcelain like.

I used to be so tan and tan so easily, but now, its a bit of a chore to get my skin to brown up. There was a great deal at our local tanning salon so I went for it. I get 2 weeks of unlimited (whatever that means?) tannin for $25 in any bed. Considering the regular beds are $9/pop, that's quite a deal.

I got in a 12 minute bed today (one of the super expensive ones- $12/pop) and I did 8 minutes, since I am a little see-thru, I figured that would be best.

Kayla's wedding is in July and her other bridesmaids are tanned thin goddesses who tower over roly poly me, so I figured its the least I can do to get a bit of a base color between now and then.

Also- This tanning bed had mirrors on the top of the bed, so when you were laying down you could look at yourself (Narcissism?) and it was the first time that I had ever seen myself naked, laying down. And you know what? I look pretty darn good, considering.

I definitely can finally tell that I am not who I was two years ago.

Need another example? For a snack, I am having sugar free jello with STRAWBERRIES. I know! I never eat fruit! What is going on!!

I feel so much happier with that 8 minutes of fake sunshine beaming down on me while I listened to tunes from the 90's. I need to go 2 more times to make it worth what I paid, but I have a feeling if the weather keeps up, I'll be going a lot more


  1. It's awesome that you're feeling better naked and you're doing something for yourself as well! Tanning can totally help beat the no-sunshine blues!

    Ever tried boosting your diet with Vitamin D to help boost the mood when the sun isn't out? I hear it can help a lot! (Remind me of this when reading my blog www.jjourneybook.blogspot.com. No doubt I'll need a boost after my move to Washington from sunny southern california in a few weeks!)


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