Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Oh so I tried to dye my hair blonde yesterday and that pretty much failed. I left it on for 25 minutes like the box said- and that was the maximum time- and my hair was a dark blonde that matched the picture on the box before, but my hair turned out kind of... no really... orange!


I was going to freak out about my hair, since it was so reminiscent of the color it turned when I got a perm, but you know what? It's just hair. I didn't freak, but I needed to change the color, pronto.

No seriously... my scalp is just orange

Like fluorescent!

So staying this color just wasn't an option. I decided that maybe, just maybe, I am not a blonde anymore. Since I never can get the right color at home and I don't feel like paying big bucks to go to a salon every 8 weeks or so.

I just bought some dark brown hair dye and slapped it on top. My roots/scalp area is still really light brownish reddish, but hardly noticeable...I think?

I think I will just stay a brunette for a while.

I only took one pic for you guys of what it looked like before, tell me what you think.

Not my color, right?

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But don't worry, I look a lot better today :)


  1. LOL! Apart from the fact, that it could be dangerous to stand next to a traffic light, because car drivers might be confused wether to stop or to go, I actually think, you would have carried it off.

  2. I had this happen to me with a red! I picked out what looked like a dark reddish auburn and it ended up looking like I melted a red crayon on my head. Serious, little mermaid status. It was horrible!

  3. LOL That's why I NEVER dye my hair at home. Too afraid I'll screw it up! I hear that once you go dark, it's harder to get the blond back. Odd that you posted this today - I'm going in for my bi-annual hair cut/hightlights today! (I AM going to WA as the blondie that I am! )

  4. I wonder when your gonna leave your hair alone lol


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