Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm sure you are just sick of my moving blogs, but to be honest, that's the only thing going on in my life right now.

I noticed that when you are moving, there are certain priorities that take place. First of all- comfortable clothes. Moving boxes, furniture, cleaning etc, requires a lot of effort and you can't stop unbutton your too tight jeans while your dad and husband are dismantling your Queen sized bed.

My solution? Grey stretch sweat pants and a t-shirt, with a pull over hooded sweatshirt for when it gets a little chilly.

Problem 2: When you got to go... you got to go. Running back and forth between two destinations, its important to be well prepared should nature call. No one wants to get caught with their pants down... literally.

My solution? A roll of toilet paper in the old place, in the new place, and one in the car. Just in case I happen to misplace one ;)

Problem 3: Laundry. Laundry is a pain at the best of times and moving is an absolute nightmare. After all, you are busy moving things, do you really need to stop being productive so you can get your clothes out of the dryer before they wrinkle?

My solution? Wear the same outfit for 4 days. Why? UH still moving shit! Unpacking! Why on earth would I want to do laundry when there is a mountain of boxes full of dishes, belongings, and knick-knacks that need to be put in their new homes!

Problem 4: Caffeine. You are going to need it. Lots of it.

My solution? Make a pot of coffee and drink the whole thing, by yourself, immediately. You will be beaming all day.

Problem 5: Dogs. Your dog may or may not freak out about a move. And he may or may not have been dropped off at the shelter when his last family moved and abandoned him. He is probably afraid you will do the same thing.

My solution? Have your dad come play with the puppy. If your dad is anything like my dad, it means he is a dog fanatic and will spend the day petting the dog and making up silly little nick names for him. Like "puppy wuppy woofy wuffy" and "dugal hound" Dad will also fill up your dog's Kong with peanut butter and become dog's new best friend.

Problem 6: Where to begin unpacking? You have successfully moved all your shit- I mean treasures- from point A to point B. Now what do you do? How do you begin?

My solution? Priorities. Figure out what you absolutely cannot live without for another moment. For me, it was my phone charger and a pillow. I seriously needed a nap. Then it was finding my toothbrush & etc, followed by bowls and spoons for cereal (and other bowl-meals) Today? I'm on a mission to find my hair brush. I know its somewhere around here but I have been too busy with other things to worry about the state of my hair.

I'm not worried about scaring the neighbors though. I'm not even sure we have neighbors, to be honest. I know that there are cars in the parking lot. I know that one of them has a yappy little dog. (I'm thinking Pekingese? Or something similar) And I know that some of them are smokers. I also know that they like music. But to be honest we haven't seen much of anyone. And we never see the same people twice! It's like the twilight zone. It's pretty damn awesome. I promise, pics of the new place are coming soon. I got all the pics of Alpha done. I just need to finish unpacking and then take pics of Beta. I am pretty excited to show you.

The next blog, however, (which is tomorrow, since it's weigh in day) is going to show case some now and then photos, like I promised forever ago.

I need to remember that even though I am only down 17.5 lbs from my highest weight of all time, I still look loads better.

Thursday will be the apartment comparison blog, as well as a recap of Disney on Ice

Friday is my first ever spin class. Tips? I'm sure I will die. I also have bridesmaid shopping at 4:30.


  1. I bet you feel LOADS better than you did at your heaviest as well!

    I'm still not sure how my dog is going to handle the move to a completely different state and climate. I'll be sure to blog about it though!

  2. I am happy your finally getting settled in. We both need to cross that 20 pound mark - soon!

  3. Lol good tips. I'll be moving in a few months, so I'll be where you are pretty soon! Hopefully I can still lose weight during that ordeal.


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