Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

It's Wednesday and that means a weigh in! How did I do this week?

* I ate absolutely all of my weekly points and even delved into my earned activity points.
* I completely failed at my "don't eat out for a month" challenge.
* I TRACKED IT ALL THOUGH so that makes up for it.... a little.
* I earned sooo many activity points through moving. And I know I probably earned more, but I was being modest with the points.
* I ate lots of WW meals to help combat the eating out/moving stress.
* I drank a lot of caffeine and not so much water. I had so much diet soda/coffee with chocolate creamer & stevia, it isn't funny

All in all, a good week considering. Let's see what the scale says this week. Last week, I weighed in at 220.4 lbs. This week I weighed in at 222.6 which is a gain of 2.2 lbs.

Here is my weekly tracker snapshot

Maybe I need to change in my weigh in day? I seem to sabotage myself on the weekend so Wednesday is probably not the best day to weigh in! If I change it to Monday, I might be able to say "no" to all that crappy junk I eat because I know my weigh in is around the corner.

Or I could, I don't know.... stop eating. Saturday was a lot of points. That's when I ate Pizza Hut. Tuesday was bad too, I couldn't stop snacking. But I am back on track today. I started measuring everything again and pulling out my calculator on the spot. Coupling that with pre-tracking and I got it this week.

Also in my fridge- my new secret weapon- jello! Sugar free of course ;) 1 serving of this baby? 0 points. 2 servings of this baby? 0 points. THREE servings? 1 point. 4 servings? 1 point. SF Jello is 1/2 cup per serving, so you can have 2 full cups of it (or one, regular sized box) for 1 point. Or you can space it out all day and eat it all for 0 points, I guess.

I had lime jello the other night and last night I made strawberry! I read on the box that you can put in lemon-lime carbonated soda (Sprite) so I might get some diet sprite and try that.

Am I sad that I gained this week? You bet. Am I surprised? Not at all. With moving, eating out, and not being able to weigh myself every day, it's been a real challenge.

I'm ready for next week. And I am weighing in on Monday.

I was totally going to make this a picture post but still havent uncovered my pictures from packing, so I can't scan them for you. :(


  1. that fast food will kick your butt im sorry hang in there

  2. I used to have my weigh in day in the middle of the week too, but i noticed I wasnt very caring during the weekend because i still had a few days to "work it off" once I switched to mondays, it makes it all the better (for me). I make sure to not eat crappy because weigh in day is right there!! yikes!!

  3. Yes, pictures would have been nice!

    Hahaha, I kid. Hang in there, C

    We know what we have to do :))


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