Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby on Board: It Starts Here

Our friends Jon and Carissa came by last night to surprise us! They brought a bottle of wine for Brian and a bottle of grape juice for me! Jon, who has a daughter about 18 months, also brought over a couple of baby toys that she no longer plays with. I've started my collection!

Today is a great day. I had a crappy interview, but that's okay... I wasn't really interested in the position anyway.

Brian, feeling a little hungover from the wine, decided he wanted to eat at Bob Evan's, so this is what I had.
Hot chocolate.... no caffeine for me!

Multigrain pancakes! Made from wheat flour and oat flour.
Surprisingly moist.

Turkey sausage links and sugar free syrup. Brian called these "pacman pancakes"
I couldn't finish all of my food (YAY!) and I left about half a huge pancake and a few bites of sausage left. See?
I started my prenatal vitamins. 2 tablets 2x daily, so 4 total. Horse pill sized. Blech. I was pretty bummed out when I called my doctor. I can't get in until May 23rd. But until then, I'll just WebMD it all, taking it one day at a time. Just gonna eat healthier, not over exert myself (do not want a miscarriage!) and probably stay off the elliptical. Drats! ;)

Meemaw and Gamma are going to hit the garage sales on Thursday and promised to find the good baby stuff. Meemaw has made it her personal goal to try and get absolutely everything gently used. I've made it my personal goal to enter as many baby giveaways as possible to gather resources like diapers, gift cards, etc.

Not to mention eBay and Craigslist!

I started on the baby blanket. It looks cute so far. It's about as big as my unborn zygote right now :) Plenty of time to work on it though. I'm not in a rush. I need another color though. The pattern I have uses 3 colors and I only have 2.

I also bought- gasp!- fruit and veggies. I got a bowl of cut up strawberries and a tub of chocolate fruit dip. I also got a veggie tray of carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and grape tomatoes with organic ranch.

My mom told me to make sure I drink lots of milk. Brian said I could have all the chocolate milk I wanted! YAY! I also sent him to the store so I could stock back up on WW meals, fruits, veggies, cheeses, etc
And Tylenol.

I'm really trying to eat better. I'm supplementing WW meals with real foods. It will be awesome. I feel better already. I hope that by the time I get to the crazy cravings stage I will have established a lot of good eating habits. I keep thinking... does the baby need that Hershey's Cookies and Cream bar? and that stops me.

Want to know what I am looking forward to the most? Maternity clothes shopping! ha :P


  1. Christie,
    I know you can't get into your ob/gyn until the end of May however, my ob/gyn informed me that it is more than ok to exercise and "lose" weight while pregnant. What he said was that if you exercise and eat right during pregnancy you may not see a number drop on the scale but you will "transfer" into the baby. So basically you could stay the same weight throughout the pregnancy and it would not harm the baby as long as you are getting the nutrients and rest you need. My son is perfectly healthy and I gained 20 lbs during my pregnancy because I was not working out. I had to eat correctly because of Gestational Diabetes. Good luck and Congratulations on your expectation!

  2. Excited! Look at you all grown up :)
    I heard that exercise is wonderful for a pregnant woman, even helping to ease the actual delivery process. But yeah talk to your doctor first. Maybe until the meantime your exercise can be something low impact like walking the dog...

  3. Before you buy ANYTHING on ebay or any other webdistributer, email me! I have a way that you can make money back on your purchases! It's helped me pay for the upcoming wedding and I'm sure will help out with baby stuff!

  4. Oh yeah - and I agree with the previous poster. You should DEFINATELY be able to walk. I suggest checking out this blog:

    From what I know, you're not out of the danger zone of misscarriage for the first 6 weeks or so, but there isn't a whole lot you can do to impact that.


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