Friday, April 29, 2011

Perfect Timing

Brian quit his last job because it was too stressful. He did not put in a 2 weeks notice. He thought he was going to get back in at his previous job. They sounded like they really wanted him back, but didn't have any hours they could give him. So he applied to other restaurants of the same chain across town. I think there is 9 in the city? At least 7. So probably 8. He applied to all of them.

This was 3 weeks ago. No one called him for an interview but they all expressed interest in hiring him. He knew managers at most of the restaurants. It was very frustrating. All the while, I'm hoping I'm not "with tiny human" because we have no money and this would just be so so stressful.

Tuesday he had an interview with one of the managers he knew. They said off the top of their head, he would be able to get about 20 hours the first week, and then in 2 weeks another 30 hours will become available and he can have his pick of hours then. They said they would find out if he had to go to orientation or not and they would call us back at the end of the week.

It's Friday. They haven't called. Every time his cell rings, we hope its from them. It's not. It's his mom calling to ask if she can tell all her brothers and sisters and etc. Brian said he'd really rather wait a little longer before that- he just wanted to tell immediate family (Yet he told Minecraft Chick! And I blogged about it... oops)

Then he calls another restaurant, to check up on them, to see if they are still interested. He gets a "maybe, we will call you back." Discouraged. Hours later, he gets a call. "We want you for an interview Tuesday." He says okay. He calls back the first restaurant, and they say

Welcome aboard! You start May 10th. Call us next Friday and we will get your uniform sorted.

Perfect timing! Brian is going to take the highest level of insurance they offer, even if it does cut into his paychecks. We will be living off of tips anyway, so it won't really seem like a big bite.

I had an interview today for Sam's Club and it was not that great. It seemed like the manager could not focus on me and when I told her I wanted only 20 hours a week, she laughed at me and said that was highly unlikely. She wanted me to do 32. On a concrete floor. With a bad ankle. And a case of "tiny human". Hahahaha no thanks. Also she said that there were 2 more interviews I had to go through. Thanks but no thanks.

Brian said that was for the best anyway- he doesn't want his pregnant wife to overexert herself. I can already tell he is going to drive me insane  be a concerned, loving father.

We just got his last paycheck from his old job and I put away 20% of it in savings. I think this baby is really going to force Brian and I to get our shit straight. I got a check for $3 for doing surveys.

He's relieved he has a job again (actually, we all are!) and now he is determined to provide for his growing family. It's so cute how he is all gung-ho now. I'm off to watch some more Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs.

:) Thanks for all the well wishes and congratulations, every one! Such a huge outpouring of support. You all supported all over yourselves!


  1. Brian sounds so adorable! So glad y'all will be able to eat :) I got your email, hahaha. Thanks!

  2. Great timing! Glad you have that stress off your shoulders now :)

  3. How wonderful! I'm glad everything is working out for you. : )


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