Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garlic Bread Over Dose

Last night we had awesome lasagna. I made 3 mini-loaf pans of lasagna and froze one. I would have frozen 2 but Brian insisted he would eat a whole pan by himself. I was skeptical... but he ate nearly all of it. If I had to give a percentage, I'd say 85%. Now, I knew it was enough lasagna for 2 people because as I was making it, I made it the same way I make a standard size lasagna, which I always cut into 6 pieces. See? 2x3=6! No conversions needed.

We also had garlic bread. It was my idea. All the bad for you but oh so good ideas are my ideas. I asked him to go to the store to get us a loaf of garlic bread. In my head, I thought we would get the tiny 'just for 2' size they had at the store. (which is a dollar) but Brian got the 'omg we are feeding an army size' which serves 9. I ate 2/3 of that loaf last night. (that's 6 servings...)

Now to be completely honest, we hadn't eaten really at all all day. I made us turkey sausage and toast for breakfast at 1 pm and we didn't eat dinner until 11 pm so that was 10 hours of not eating anything else.

Our gluttony can be blamed on that, also the fact it was really good. And also the fact I'm a horrible wife and made him do the dishes so I could cook. (I never do dishes! ha!)

So last night was filled with garlicy laced nightmares. I was so stuffed of bread and cheese. I dreamed I was in a lair of vampires and they weren't drinking my blood or turning me. They were just tormenting me. Awesome. Then I woke up, fell back asleep. Suddenly I'm at M5 (home to the Mythbusters- this one is logical- I had Mythbusters playing in the background) and then a troll attacks me. Also logical- I played a lot of Oblivion before bed.

Basically the rest of the night was just as unpleasant. I kept tossing and turning. Suddenly my comfortable Queen size bed is uncomfortable and barely bigger than a twin. I usually beg Brian to cuddle with me. (We sleep butt to butt most of the time, or as I refer to it "the headache position") Last night I just wanted the bed to myself.

The toilet in our master bathroom runs constantly. It needs some sort of new assembly, and I need to call maintenance to come and fix it, but that requires cleaning the bathroom. So its running and I can't hear Adam & Jamie destroying something that was once usable, and I am getting irritated. Brian fixes the toilet, lets the dog out and is generally very happy. It's annoying. I ask why. Someone paid up for their commission. I see. I turn over.

He's awake and I finally have the bed to myself. Max is all over Brian lately so it's really ALL MINE. Then it thunderstorms and the whole company retreats back to my bed. Brian hates storms. Max hates storms. I didn't even know it was storming! I'm grumpy now because I missed a storm and it's still before noon and I am still not sleeping.

So I wake up. It's now just a little after 1 pm. Brian and Max are cuddling in bed. I laugh. I go to the kitchen and discover the left over lasagna. I slapped it in the oven. I mourn the loss of the garlic bread. I look out side, and its raining. I need to go get the mail, but I have crazy lady hair. I decide when Brian wakes up, he can go get it.

I am no longer bloated and stuffed with bread and cheese (much to my dismay thank goodness!)

And that is why I can't do low-carb. I mean look how I act around carbs! If I tried to cut them out (which I have) I do okay for a while then I tend to go insane (which I have) and then I turn into some sort of Hulk-mixed-with-the-Cookie-Monster-beast lady and destroy everything I have done.

But the good news is, I did not eat the whole loaf. Like I wanted/could and it will not be in our house for another 3 months or so. Hurray!


  1. Brian sounds wonderfully greedy! hahaha

    And pasta is one of those things I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT help myself around. It's crazy.

  2. Carbs are a hard one to control. I do try to limit them though and skip them for dinner. I only eat carbs on days I know I'm working out because I figure I'm burning off the glucose deposits!

    I love garlic bread. It's so hard to control all carbs for me.

  3. It's the little victories that keep us going.


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