Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer Challenge: Week 1

Aside from catastrophically failing to meet any of my weekly goals, I did all right! I have not gained weight. Haven't lost either, so that is a steady pace... seems to be my style?

I have been on an emotional roller coaster lately. Lots of highs and lows but haven't really felt the need to gorge on garlic bread... oh wait. Dammit!

Today marks another day! I started this week off right. I finally started tracking again. I am going to ride Stella today. I just don't really feel like hitting the elliptical. I'm busy trying to fill out applications and what not. I've got sh-t to do.

I'm so tired of this gray weather, and really excited for spring. I know its coming. I KNOW it is. Got to keep positive.

So week 1 was a bust (almost) for SLC but I promise to pick up the slack this week.

Now, I have to be off. I'm on a whirlwind adventure of follow up phone calls, and application-get! so I can be gainfully employed. Yay me! go team Christie!


  1. I hope you get great weather. When I eat badly, I struggle more to get back on track. My body craves the bad stuff so stay strong!

  2. Hey Christi, i think it's great you're doing the challenge with alexia... Sorry you're stuggling and I do think it has alot to do with the gloomy weather. I think it affects us more than we realize.

    here's to good week ahead. I have a 2 lb gain today. Guess it's the bloody mary's and margaritas....

  3. Maintaining is a loss in my book. Haaaaay!

  4. ^ I agree! Staying the same is better than gaining!

    I'm a blogger over at Alexia's summer Lovin' challenge. Nice ta meecha!

    I'm now following your journey- feel free to take a peek at mine too!



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