Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday: Weigh In!


How are you all doing?

Great, glad to hear it.

Me? I'm alright thanks for asking.

How did my week go? Well compared to the previous weeks, it sucked.

I did not track hardly at all

I ate everything in sight (if it had salt in it)

I got addicted to crack diet soda again

I totally did not run or work out since last Monday.

The good news? I am back on plan today. Because all it takes is the decision to be, so there. It's done. I'm on plan and everything is going smoothly! I'm going for a run today. I drank lots of water yesterday. I also stopped the diet soda fixation. We're out and we will be out for a while. I had a huge migraine yesterday (lack of caffeine) and it made me physically ill.

It's going to be very warm today and very stormy so I will have to drive over to the fitness center so I don't get wet pants/shoes/self

Anyway enough stalling. Here's todays weight!

220.4 a gain of 1.2 lbs. Not surprising since I ate a lot of salt, but way better than the scale said yesterday. It told me 223.... so now I am back on track. I'm over it.

I'm off to get my run in before I lose motivation

My husband is finishing up his current commissions. Do you want one? Email me!  Flat rate of $15 per caricature (which is a great deal. The ones you see at fairs/amusement parks are $30+ each!)

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