Monday, April 4, 2011

Fitness: C25K Week 1 Repeat

I decided to do Week 1 of Couch to 5K again since I was struggling so much with the second week. Part of that struggle may have been going to the gym with a full belly, or maybe it was PMS but I was getting all sorts of discouraged.

I went back to Week 1 and I am so glad I did. It was still challenging. I spent 10 minutes with the incline on 5 on the elliptical (it goes up to 20) and the other half of it at 1. Normally I run all at incline of 1.

Brian went with me to lift some weights. When we got there, a tall skinny overly tanned girl was walking on the max incline of the treadmill. I hopped on the elliptical and Brian did his thing. Then this chick gets off the treadmill and proceeds to lay down right in front of Brian on the floor in front of the mirror. Now, this fitness center has plenty of room in it. She definitely did not have to lay in front of Brian to be in front of the mirror.

She then does crunches and some other ab work. Then she gets some hand weights and does side-bends. As she does this, her short shorts move and you can see her ass. I'm watching this through the mirror and smiling to myself because I notice that Brian is not looking at skinny chick with her ass hanging out- he's watching my ass and boobs bounce!

She then proceeds to 'stretch'. I say it like that because well she kept fondling herself to be honest. She would bend over and grab her ankles then stroke her calves. She would prop her leg up on a bench and fondle her ass. Sure, she was "stretching"... except she did this for an excessively long time. Keep in mind she is wearing short shorts so there are panty shots left and right. I mean, if I were hot and I saw a hot guy in the gym I'd be showing off my flexibility too. But it's just funny to me.

Brian said that he wasn't looking and I don't care if he was to be honest. My rule is "look but don't touch." Of course she was doing all the touching herself so I don't think she really needed his help. ;)

My elliptical machine cut me off at 20 minutes again. I don't know why it does that. Sometimes it lets me go forever and other times, I have a strict 20 minute time limit. I reset it and did some more time. I finished at 27 minutes and did approximately 3ish miles. I have no clue on actual distance.

I did at one point run for 2 minutes straight, as hard as I could. I sent my heart rate sky high- I hit 200 bpm, which is *way* over what I should be at. 85% of my maximum heart rate is at 167.

My legs feel like jelly. I earned 6 AP and haven't eaten yet. Off to go make a sammich.


  1. I have the same rule. Look, by all means look. I mean really, if a hot guy decided to jump infront of me, of course I am going to blink and maybe... blink again. Doesn't mean I want to run away into the locker room or ya know... you know. But that is TOO funny that she really thought she could get Brian's attention! High fiver to Brian for watching "your boobs bounce" instead!! Hahahaha (that sounds so pervy!)

  2. I've always said that's how you know you've found "the one". You just stop looking.

    I hated th 24 hour fitness in my area for reasons like that. Ladies (usually the fairer sex anyway) would come all made up and barely break a sweat (usually in the weight room) just to pick up a date for Friday night. Um. No thanks! I'd sweat throught my baggy ass gym clothes by lifting a good amount of weight or working out hard than show off for anyone in the gym (anyone but me anyway).


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