Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer Challenge: Day 1 Stats

I know that I am late, even later than Alexia, putting this up. Forgive me. Its been a long long day.
Despite running on empty today, here's my stats!

Height 5ft4
Weight 220

I even took a shower and did my hair and make up for the blog. I know.. you are all impressed. Truth be told I did not do the shower until 8 pm...  I took a nap instead but's the thought that counts.

Shh. Don't judge.

Since it's day one and we are going by tracking and what not... here is what I ate today

- turkey bacon, egg and cheese wrap 8 points
- stir fry 15 points
- chicken and mashed potatoes, 10 points  Macaroni and cheese, 11 points

30 minutes on the elliptical 3 hour nap

Tomorrow is another day!


  1. Great that you're posting all of it on here! My friends on Myfitnesspal have access to my food journal. Every once in a while someone looks and it always helps me think about what kind of fuel I'm putting in my body to burn! I've been fighting off NASTY chocolate cravings all day. It's all I can do not to break in the local DQ with a late night run! My game plan is to work until it's past closing time. ;)

  2. shh... don't judge... hahahaha you crack me up!


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