Thursday, April 21, 2011

Worst Run Ever Best Feeling Ever

I had my worst run today- barely shy of 3 miles in 30 minutes. That meant I was averaging more than a 10 minute mile on the elliptical, when my average is just shy of 8 minutes a mile.

Why was it so hard? Probably because I conveniently forgot to go last week at all. I pretty much did not go this week either, until today. It was so nice to sweat though! I can't let the numbers ruin me, I was too high on the feelings and letting go of all the stress I have built up over the last few days.

I feel like a million bucks right now... frolicking through the meadow. What you thought I meant cash? I'm talking about deer!

I wish I had a million dollars though!

Tomorrow is Good Friday, but today is Great Thursday. Haven't you heard?

Well despite being told that I just wasn't liked by a company yesterday, I got one potential interview lined up from another today, and one definite interview lined up!

One company loved my app and said that they were looking to hire more employees but the General Manager was out of town until Monday and to call back after then and see about setting up an interview (score!)

Another today- I had turned in an app to a restaurant I wasn't sure was hiring but decided to give it a go anyway (can't hurt right?) and I got to talk to the manager. They said that they were definitely hiring and especially hiring for the position I applied for, and wanted to know if it would be okay to call me Monday? It would be 2 weeks before I could start working there, was that okay? And yes, it was! I even made the guy laugh! Always a plus! It doesn't hurt that Brian got a few good pieces of information as well today :) Let's keep the good news coming... lots of happy thoughts and prayers for us please!

I'm so tired. Time for a nap.

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  1. Great job getting a run in! Good luck with the interviews ;)


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