Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I joined which is the pregnancy website of

It's good so far. I like it. I am not crazy about how many calories it's telling me to eat a day (2500-2800 which is probably 2x as much as I eat now)  I can adjust that though.

So far I've only tracked yesterday and today. Yesterday I came in at a smidge over 1700 calories and today, I'm at 240 (nausea)

I'm not overly crazy about the community though. I didn't do the community on WW either, which is probably why I didn't do so well on it. I'll make an effort to make connections.

I gulped down some ginger ale today and I feel better. I also had some crackers. I still feel like crap, but at least I don't feel like seeing my breakfast again.

Today I weigh 224.6 which is exactly 2.4 lbs down from yesterday. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not, but at least I am not headed back toward 237.5 again....

I would probably cry if I hit that number again, even if it were pregnancy related.


  1. I have never been prego... so I have no idea about how many calories to eat and what not, but that does seem rather high... Maybe you could discuss the amount of calories you should take in with your obgyn or pcp. ??? Just a thought. Glad you had a loss from yesterday. that must have made you feel pretty good! Wishing you the best of luck... aww Im getting so excited and you are the one having the baby!! ;)

  2. I think calories is just 10% over whatever your current maintenance weight is at your height and weight! I could be wrong though definitely check with your doctor!


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