Wednesday, May 11, 2011

not feeling good

I've been really blessed so far. 6 weeks into my pregnancy and not a sign of morning sickness. Tender, swollen breasts, lots of cramps, and of course, back-aches (as my body tries to get used to my larger-than-life boobies) but that was the worst of my symptoms.

I kind of still feel like I should be starting my period, any day now...

Except today.

I feel nauseous. I can't even drink water without a queasy feeling washing over me. It almost feels like a panic attack- my whole body goes tingly. My stomach hurts so bad. It feels a lot like I have heartburn. And of course, whenever I get heartburn, my body has an overwhelming desire to purge.

I've been lucky that I haven't had heartburn like that for months and months now... but the feelings are starting to come back.

I stayed in bed until 2 pm today. I don't feel hungry. I don't feel thirsty. I just sipped some more water, and it felt... nasty going down. The thought of taking my prenatal vitamins today is making me gag. I don't do well with vitamins anyway, but I have been taking them religiously since I found out I was preggo.

I think my body is finally telling me "hey! you're knocked up now!"
My mom and my grandma never got sick. My granny said that she wasn't sick until she got pregnant with my dad (he's the youngest) and my mother in law said she was sick all the time. Hmm. I just hope I don't take after my mother in law. She was sick up until delivery.

On a side note, my best friend Kayla has a friend through her church who needs to get rid of all her baby stuff and is selling it to Kayla for on the super cheap. I mean, 2 boxes of clothes, an outside swing (?), and an infant carseat all for $10


Hell yeah I'll take it!

My game plan for the day is simple: make Brian go buy me some ginger ale and crackers. Lay in bed. Sleep. Repeat.

As for the summer challenge, I think I'm up .6 lbs. I don't remember. (another symptom of pregnancy, extreme forgetfulness. Gah)


  1. :( I'm sorry to hear about you feeling sick. I hope it lightens up for you! I follow another blogger for a long time now and she's been suffering morning sickness too!

  2. No fun! I hear ice cream helps with heartburn - but I'm not sure how that works.

    When my PCOS was at its peak, I would throw up just about every day at 3am and 6am. AWEFUL. Even the thought/smell of food would make me sick. And even the mildest bit of being startled would result in a rush to puke my guts out as well. Hang in there!


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