Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm just now realizing that yes, I am a mom-to-be. I sort of keep waiting for my period to happen, but it's not coming. It's kind of scary, when I think about it. I just wonder... what will my kid be like? Will they take more after me or Brian? I think it depends a lot on whether or not its a boy or a girl. I want a boy... but a healthy baby is more important. Girls have cuter things though...

Baby has already decided if it's going to be a boy or girl. Mom and Dad will just have to wait. 4 and a half more weeks, to be exact.

There is a test called "Intelligender" and it's a urine test that can predict the baby's gender with 90% accuracy- which is about the same as a sonogram, more or less. (Depending on baby's position at the time of the test and the technician's experience and ability to read them)

Intelligender can be taken at 10 weeks. I'll be 6 weeks on Monday. We will know what baby will most likely be- at least 90% sure what baby will be- in 4 ish weeks.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day- Happy Mother's Day to my mom and grandma, and all the other mom's out there.

Next Sunday is our 2nd wedding anniversary- wow that snuck up on me quick! I have to keep reminding myself that it's next week so I don't look like a bad wife. I should just write it in sharpie on my forehead, make things easier on me. Where did the last 2 years go? It went by so fast. Most days I don't even feel like we are married- the reality hasn't sunk in. I keep thinking its a dream I'm going to wake up from. I really hope it's not.

I played the lottery last night. I didn't win. :( So no nanny, new house, or new car for me... Next time maybe.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your weekend. Try not to get knocked up! :)



    Check out another blogger's experience with it! For the record her DAUGHTER's name is Eva. ;) lol

  2. A friend of mine took the intelligener test with her first child (boy) and it was correct and took it during her current pregnancy and it was wrong it said she was having a boy and she is having a girl.


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