Friday, May 6, 2011

Kellogg's FiberPlus Antioxidant Bars

...are my new favorite food! At 3P+ a bar and containing 35% of DRV of fiber, it's a delicious and guilt free snack. The only draw back is the price. $3 for 6 bars... which means if you were to eat 3 of them a day to get all your fiber, it would end up costing you about $45 for the month. Even if you eat 2 a day, that's still $30.

But it might be worth it. Just sayin'. I got the chocolate peanut butter (because, given the option I'm always going to choose chocolate peanut butter... even over white chocolate raspberry!)

Sooo good.

I had 2 of these yesterday, in addition to my spinach and green pepper. Let me tell you what- I was full all day. I had 2 of them for breakfast today too. At 3P+ each, why *wouldn't* you? It's a great tasting way to get some fiber. I wish I could eat these for free, for the rest of my life.

I washed it down with a big ol' glass of pomegranate tea (that I made myself!)

PS- I am also down a whole lb! My boobs are so big now it makes me look skinnier, even though I have gained a little weight. I think it went all to my boobs though. I'm not sure whether to be happy (that its not on my gut) or cry (that I need new bras and I'm growing out of my DDD's FAST!)

:) Have a good day, friends!


  1. Those look delicious! I don't know if I could control myself around them haha!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I had the Oats and Chocolate ones last week. I felt almost sinful!


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