Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby Names! The List

Since my dear friend Trisha keeps asking for the baby name list, I thought I would share what I have written down. Not all of these names have been "approved" by Brian... but it's my blog so I'll post them anyway! These are all names I like, and would like to give our child.

I can only hope that we will have more than one child because I like all of these names! I've also posted good nicknames (or cutesy ones) that I think would go well with each name... We will see what Mr. Farrar thinks. He's sort of opinionated when it comes to baby names. Which is shocking, since he's normally so laid back. I actually had a list of names I could not use, under any circumstances, please and thank you. I've subsequently lost it. *shrug*

*~Baby Girl Names~*

Miranda Kelly Farrar (Miry, Mimi)
Sabriel Nicole Farrar (Bri, Ellie)
Colette Elizabeth? (Cookie <-- LOL)
Brooke* Lee Farrar
Danielle Raine Farrar (Danni/Ellie)
Sarah* Lynn Farrar
Natalie* Ann Farrar? (Nat/Allie)

My favorite name of all time has to be Natalie. I met a Natalie when I was in elementary school and she had long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and the cutest glasses I had ever seen. I thought she was great. We used to play together but she moved away. I don't remember her last name, so I can't stalk look her up on Facebook.

Brian LOVES the name Colette. I know why but I can't tell you... (it's part of a super secret project he's been working on for ages and I'd really rather not accidentally let people steal his ideas...) 

@% Baby Boy Names %@

Corben Dallas Farrar (Cory/Ben)
Jesse Lee Farrar
Mark Edward Farrar
Jacob* Samuel Farrar (Jake)
Lucas* Evan Farrar (Luke)
Nolan Reed Farrar

Names with a * after are those on the top 100 baby names list of 2010 and will probably get rejected... unfortunately!! I want our child to have a name that isn't so original that they get made fun of (school is hard enough as it is!) but not so common that they get shuffled into the background. There were only 2 or 3 Christie's in my school and we all spelled our names differently. But Brian... well there are 2,309,475,394,572,034 of him... so I want to go middle ground.

Another stipulation for choosing a baby name... It has to be a good name, that sounds nice when you say it outloud... but it also has to scare the shit out of your kid! I mean, I love my full name... but when I was in trouble I hated being called Christie Lee!! So... it has to be both beautiful and terrifying... I can't name my kid something that won't roll off the tongue when I discovered they had put the cat in the washing machine and turned it on! I can't stumble in a crucial moment like that!

So what am I leaning towards?? Hmmm....

I love the name Jake and Luke... those have always been my favorite boy names, but I think Brian put them both on the "NO EFFING WAY" list... so I'm going to have to say Nolan is my favorite, followed by Corben, for the boys. I love Danielle and Natalie for the girls...

Hmm... So if you want to check out any more baby name ideas or whatever.. and see what popular names were around whenever, check out because they have tons of great articles and craziness.


  1. I love the names you are looking at!!! I like them all! I also agree w/ all of your "rules", although i have to say ANY name will be terrifying if it comes from a mother's fury!! My mom never said my middle name w/ it for some reason. But just first & last with that LOOK only she could give. It was enough to get me to sit straight & behave! :)

    My favorite girl names from your list are: Natalie & Collette. I like Sarah & Danielle, too, just think they're too common! I'm surprised Natalie is so common!? I only know 2 of them. Love that name. My fave boy names you have are Jacob Samuel & Nolan Reed. LOVE both of these! I know Jacob is common but i love it a lot.

  2. My favorites are Corbin and Sabriel. I love the middle name Raine, because I wanted my daughter to have that middle name, but my parents were not fans of it.

  3. Jesse is a pretty suave name, not gonna lie! :) teehee

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay away from anything "Mimi" nickname related for a few more years! Just until the popularity of Rent dies down in the theater culture. Otherwise if you have a girl, and refer to her, I'll be thinking of a strung out stripper. lol
    LOVE Nolan. :)


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