Friday, June 24, 2011

Pregnancy: A New Symptom!

I've experienced headaches for the last three days. At first, I thought it was caffeine withdrawal. So I loaded up on soda. Nada. Then I thought it might be a congestion/sinus headache. But I'm in the clear there too.

Finally... I Googled "pregnancy and headaches" and lo and behold! That's what my problem is. I'm pregnant. F#$k!! Just kidding. I already know I'm expecting.

Any way.... the advice is to eat small, regular meals (something I've not been doing). Sitting in a dark, quiet room (something I've not been doing) and applying cold/heat compresses to the head/base of neck whichever works better. I'm not even going to take Tylenol anymore. It doesn't help really. It sort of pushes back the pain, kind of like scooping back sand.... it's only a matter of time before it all comes flooding back.

My mom thinks it's sugar withdrawal (which it's most likely low blood sugar, since I'm not eating regularly) and so she still gets credit for it...

Right now, I've got a light lunch in the oven and I am going to eat that, chug my Mt Dew, and then go lay down and listen to an audio book with a cold compress on my head and a heating pad on my neck. I'll switch every 15 minutes.

So that's the game plan. I still think I am having a relatively easy pregnancy, although I did get nauseous last night from the headache/migraine... but that's nothing new. I always get sick with migraines. Luckily I don't get chronic migraines.

Things that don't help migraines:

*Max playing with his squeaky ball. This sucks. Especially when you are sound sensitive.
*Not eating. It makes nausea set in faster (at least for me)
*Staring at computer screens. This sucks. Especially when you are light sensitive.

So aside from all this crap, I do have some good news! I got to stage 2 of an interviewing process! I submitted an application for a position as a bank teller yesterday, I got an email today saying I had been selected for a pre-screen interview, so I did that. I made the guy on the phone laugh (I'm a charmer, what can I say?) and he passed my information to the hiring manager. Now I have a couple weeks to hear back. I'll know within 30 days either way of their decision. So that's exciting! I got another email for another job opportunity but they are no longer hiring for the rest of the school year, but I am welcome to apply again next school year.

It's nice to get SOME feedback. And a potential job! I mean, I was told job requirements, salary, and training schedules, so I am pretty confident about this. Every one shake your money tree for me, kiss your rosary's (only if they are blessed by a real Irish priest who stank of gin)  and send your good thoughts and/or prayers my way. I really need the good mojo.

See you all later. My lunch is done and I need to scarf it down.


  1. Awesome on the job front! Crappy on the headache front. Hang in there!

  2. I was told my doctor when I was pregnant to drink Mountain Dew because I was getting headaches from not having caffeine.


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