Thursday, June 30, 2011

Calcium Please

I went to the store today and got some very good essentials! I was talking with my doctor and told him that I really have trouble with eating fruit, that I like flavor but not texture and he told me "Drink juice."

So I am! I bought a half gallon of apple juice and a half gallon of berry juice. I also got a half gallon of 2% milk and a half gallon of 1% chocolate milk. I definitely need to up my fluid intake. Summer is such a target for dehydration and especially so since I'm pregnant. I managed to drink lots of milk today too. I am struggling to keep my calcium intake up (considering how much cheese I eat, this is unusual!) But the baby is just sucking it straight out of my teeth... and would suck it straight out of my bones if I let it continue. I need to make sure that I drink more than I think I need.

I'm still not hungry really... I am pretty sure that's normal. I do know one thing though, having a baby is certainly going to make me lose weight when it's all done! I might even end up in Onederland, losing 25 lbs (not uncommon for bigger ladies) That would be awesome :)

I digress

I'm so happy that I have juice and milk again (and water too) and it is great to have a variety of things to drink. I'm going to pay very close attention to my fluid intake and make sure that I meet or exceed guidelines so I can stay healthy.

Brian said something cute today. He said "it's magical that a baby is growing inside of you" it IS magical :)

Are you all tired of baby talk yet? Sorry but this is my life now and that's all I've got going on ... baby making. This is consuming most of my thoughts. I'm trying not to obsess over useless stuff (wipe warmers? Are you serious??) and trying to not take every piece of advice as literal. Brian and I are slowly trying to figure out what we think is the best way to parent a baby and so far, we've agreed on everything. He is totally daddy-material. He WANTS to be involved, with everything. He's admitted he's scared/uninformed, but said that it's very exciting too. I'm so grateful.

I'm out of milk now :( It's my third glass tonight. Time to ease off. I'm peeing every 5 minutes so I must be re-hydrated now :)

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  1. I don't think there is a manual to parenting, but I'm not tired of hearing about what you're going through! It could be me in a year or 2. (2 if I have my way about it, less if he gets his way.)
    Have you considered some milk alternatives? I LOVE Almond milk and light soy milk (vanilla flavored - delish!). Around here, the cost is about the same. It gives ya something different and they have lots of calcium too! (And they come in Chocolate...;) )
    I take calcium supplements every day, but somehow they don't seem to be helping with my broken toe. lol


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