Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Second (Trimester) Wind

Oh, thank god. Today is the first day in 14 weeks that I was able to actually get out of bed before noon, walk down stairs, walk across the parking lot, get in the car, go to the store, walk around, go to Subway, and then come up stairs and not pass out from lack of oxygen!!

I feel a little tired, but on a scale from 1-10, 1 being normal and 10 being ready/thankful for a coma, I'm a 5, instead of a 10 like I had been.

I feel more like myself again. Albeit with a mini me tagging along.

Today is a great day. As I mentioned, I got some errands done. I went to the store and made a new I.D tag for Max, he had chewed up his other one (it was metal... don't ask me how) It has his name, Brian's number, his AVID pet ID number and the number to call them. He is microchipped, so it's important to put the number for it on his ID tag that way, they don't have to take him to a shelter to find out he's ours. (I still need to pay $20 to have his name updated in their global database, because right now he's only in our county database. So if he got lost and ended up in another county, they wouldn't be able to track him back to us)

I also was feeling a little nauseous and Brian wanted fast food for lunch, so we compromised and got Subway. I got turkey & black forest ham with provolone, spinach and mayo. It was great! I also got a raspberry cheesecake cookie, which I think was just raspberry and white chocolate chips but it was DELICIOUS. Om om om.

I drank 16 fl oz of water today. It's hot out.

I still need to go to the mechanic so they can check my lug nuts, walk the dog, and clean today. It's the first day I've even felt remotely up to doing any sort of house work.

Mom gave me some Happy Jack dog shampoo to help with Max's dandruff and he got a bath last night. He wasn't so thrilled about it at first but was soon loving it! The shampoo reminded me strongly of Worcestershire sauce (both in smell and color) and it made Max shed like crazy! My whole bath tub is covered in dog hair! He's been shedding a lot today too, so I got him a nice brush and have been brushing him all day- which he loves. He's a big baby lol

 Oh I take that back, I'm getting a little sleepy now ... maybe I'll put off the mechanic and I'll just do a load of dishes and take a nap with the dog :) Don't worry, he's still getting walkies, but I'm going to wait until dusk. I like that it's hot out but it makes me feel queasy so I'll be staying in until it cools off.

I need to get away from the computer. I keep checking my email for job updates and it's driving me bonkers.

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