Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Cruelest Sense of Humor

Life has a funny sense of humor. Sometimes I just don't get it; other times, it's effin' hilarious.

Like tonight, for example.

Brian had to work from 5-8:30 and lately he has been working over. I tell him to be careful, I don't have a phone this week so I won't know if he's working late. He said that if he was working late, the latest he would be home would be about 10 pm.

That's fine. I nap.

I wake up at 8 and I am thinking, oh Brian will probably be home in a few hours. So I start reading... little did I know that a "drama" is going on.

Brian got off work at 8 pm. His car stopped running on a delivery. He got it back to the restaurant and they said, well we will jump you and you can go home you aren't needed right now. So he gets jumped and starts to leave work. He gets on the interstate and the car dies again. This time he loses control over the car- power steering goes out, he can't see the odometer, he can't see how much gas he has, his lights aren't working, the hazards won't come on...

He manages to come to a stop on the side of the road okay, and calls his brother. Aaron can't come get him. He can't get a hold of me. So he calls my parents. My dad answers and asks if he wants them to come get him. He just doesn't know what to do and wants some advice. My mom tells him to check our insurance and see if we get roadside assistance. We do. "Call a tow truck," they say. He does.

My parents come to get him to drive him home. The tow truck gets there. It's $65 for towing, and we take the receipt and get reimbursed tomorrow at the insurance company. My parents pay for the towing, so we don't have to- since we sold our cell phones to pay for rent this month!- After the tow truck operator and my dad look at Brian's car, they determined the problem is "most likely" the alternator, and that costs about $65... ironic, right? Well there is that part paid for. His battery also needs tested.

My parents realize- duh! the tow truck can take Brian home- and they leave with words of encouragement and "if you need any thing else, money or whatever, don't hesitate to call" reassurances.
The tow truck guy shows Brian how to replace the alternator himself when he gets it, takes Brian home, and I get regaled with the tale.

I call my parents from his phone to thank them and my dad said something very funny. "That's what we were put on this earth to do." I laughed.

"Don't worry about fixing his car," Mom said. "Save the check and use it for rent if you have to next month." I assured her we would be fine now that we are making regular paychecks.

The best part of tonight? At the start of the night, I mentioned "it sucks I don't have a cell phone. What if there is an emergency and you need to get a hold of me?" Brian said "yeah, like that will happen! We will be fine, people went without cell phones for ages!"

Ah, universe. You have a sick and twisted sense of humor. It just so happens, I do too, and I can appreciate it.

Thank God for two cars, and one of us being home all the time so only one car is really needed. This is the 3rd car in 4 years to have broken down on my husband and left me/my family to come rescue him. Needless to say, we are used to this kind of thing and it wasn't really an emergency at all. We can get by on one car for now if we need to.

A busy day tomorrow! Appointment for presumptive eligibility (extremely important), a trip to the insurance office (also important) and a cream pop-sickle.

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  1. Oh darlin. That just sux. I hope that soon you'll be able to have a coupla bucks to breed and bring in more cash. Soon. I hope that cream pop-sickle is the good kind.



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