Friday, June 17, 2011

Feeling So Much Better

Thank you sweet bloggy friends for all your sweet comments. I really don't like to complain too much on my blog any more because I feel like no one wants to read that, but it was so nice to let out all of my feelings, to describe how I was feeling, to show both myself and others that, yeah, it was a pregnancy-related hormone-induced bad day.

Today was a great day. I had little sleep, riddled with nightmares. I dreamed of things that I know I won't ever have to deal with again, and I tried to rationalize it in my sleep. I finally woke Brian up and told him all my nightmares, and they went away. My mom told me that trick, ages ago. She said that she always woke up my dad. But before Brian, I always told my stuffed Eeyore that I slept with. Inanimate objects worked well too.

Today had some slight running around. I picked up a package of odds and ends fabric to practice my stitching on. I do alright but whenever I cut the thread to release the fabric from the machine, reinsert it (to try a different stitch type) I always have to rethread the needle. I'm not sure if I am just not leaving a long enough tail for the thread or what.

I didn't bother looking it up, but felt like I had practiced enough today. The machine works. It even has a little light on it. I am getting more and more confident with it as I constantly re-thread this stupid needle. I need new shears though. Mine are so dull they barely cut through fabric.

Brian thinks I'll like sewing more than crocheting. He said it's easier to create something. Which I think is true. I'm rather impatient.

I'm having fun trying to figure all this stuff out on my own. I tried googling the brand name and getting the manual but had not been able to find one online... It seems standard enough though, so I'm sure I'll figure it out. It's a nice intellectual exercise.

Brian's birthday is next week and he wanted a fully functional phone (the one he got from my parents', the speaker was blown.) $45 on eBay and we redeemed our debit card reward points for $40 .... so $5 on his birthday! Score!! They said that it would be shipped to us by June 24th but we got it today! Hurray!!

I guess FedEx ran out of tracking numbers??? So they started re-using them... or something. It's weird. We tried to track the package and it said that it went from Boston, MA, to Minneapolis, MN and was delivered on April 1,2011... weird.

I've got a special announcement that I can't quite announce yet, but stay tuned as I think you will really like this!! I know I do! but you'll have to be patient!!

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  1. I'm behind on reading blogs--but I hope you see this message. When you finish stitching a seam with your sewing machine, turn the hand wheel toward you until the thread take up lever is in the highest position (all the way to the top). Then raise the presser foot and pull the fabric and thread out and clip the threads off--leave them 3-4 inches long. If you watch the needle--and stop with it up--the thread take up lever may not also be in the highest position--and when you start sewing again it will rise and take the thread out of the needle.

    Good Luck with your sewing and your new baby.


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