Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Days

Today is a really great day. I'm officially 14 weeks pregnant and into the second trimester! woot woot! That's exciting!

I also got some Happy Jack dog shampoo from my mom and am going to give my puppa-dog a little scrubby scrub, see if I can't get rid of his chronic dandruff!

My job leads are giving me lots of positive feedback. I've gotten lots of tests to complete, apps to fill out, prescreens done... so now I am back to the waiting game, waiting for yes/no answers.

I found a company I think I would be a great fit for and heard back from them today, and completed a pre-screen test, so let's hope that they see how awesome I am and hire me!! :)

I don't know about the hours/availability yet, and won't know unless I'm selected to move to the next stage of the hiring process. This was an abilities test but I think I aced it :)

I'm pretty able.

Keep sending me your good thoughts & prayers as they are really helping me out!! :D

What happened to you today that was awesome?


  1. I hope you get it boopsteroo, I'm praying for that job!

  2. Sounds like things are looking up! That's awesome!

    Well, I'm cutting myself a break and that's pretty damn awesome in my book! I'm only working 6 hours today. I took a long nap this morning (a much needed one). I also found out that my daily work outs seem to be WORKING! WAHOO! I'll be blogging about it soon.

    It's still early here, so there's lots of time for further awesomeness to occur!


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