Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Leave Me a Message... Or Not!

Somehow... my voicemail box has gone MIA.

I mean, literally.

I can't leave a message from any phone, I can't check my voicemail from any phone... It's gone. Poof! I know you are supposed to call your own number and then wait for voice mail to pick up, then you can hit whatever your carrier decides the magic button is to put in your pass code... but mine is gone! It's not even an option! It just rings and rings, for like 2 minutes straight... then I get an automated message "The person you are dialing has not answered. Good bye!" ...And then it hangs up!

Blink blink... okay...

So I have to call AT&T or go in and get it sorted. I'd rather go in but I didn't feel very good today so I stayed in bed all day. I would rather not call them because of the customer service I've received in the past being... not... good.

But I kind of need voice mail. I mean, I really don't like talking on the phone so answering every incoming call has been a pain.

I'm also hoping to hear back from a few places I applied so I keep hoping each call is for that but it's always something else...

I did get a bit of a scare today. The nurse called me from the dr's office and I immediately thought something had turned up in my blood work/culture samples. I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to that sort of thing... but all she wanted to know was if I needed more prenatal vitamins. I'm all stocked up for now, so I declined. Whew.

Scary. Like they would even process that stuff under 24 hours, geesh!

I gotta get my voice mail fixed!

....Don't call me. Unless it's important. 


  1. Good luck with everything! I hope your voicemail situation gets sorted out. I remember when I forgot my pass code and was freaking out about my voicemail.

  2. Ugh! I hope they didn't cancel that when you downgraded!
    Maybe head out of the house tomorrow and catch some Vitamin D (sunshine) while you're at it? Human to human interaction is a good thing (take it from someone else who works at home! :) ).

  3. I think this whole phone thing is really spreading. I just don't have that polite interpersonal "persona" ON all the time anymore. I feel vulnerable answering the phone as though I'm giving up my little haven.

    But. I'm sure you'll feel better soon and it'll get fixed.


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