Thursday, June 23, 2011


Every once in a while, I take stock of my life around me and look at the big picture. I try to do this a lot, but it seems like the little things always drag me down.

Instead of being Negative Nancy and complaining that

1) Money is super tight
2) I can't seem to get a job anywhere
3) Baby is coming in December OMG what are we gonna do????

I've decided to be Positive Polly and remember...

1) Brian is getting a lot of commissions for his art work (which is great!)
2) Brian's got plenty of opportunities coming in, including a potential teaching job for Art!! (big blessing!)
3) The baby is coming in December!!

This week for example, Brian went to hang out with a group of friends (this was Monday night, when I had my sob fest). This particular group of friends is trying to start up a small game development company. The guy who is in charge has both the means and the dedication to get this thing going. He has plans for small games or apps for the iPhone/Android market place, an idea for a "big" game something that would go indie on XBOX Live.

He has gathered a bunch of people from programming to writing, to publishing, to graphic artist. Brian is the graphic artist/modeler for these games. The head guy, Zach, is just crazy about Brian's art and abilities. He commissioned a picture to be done for him and his fiance this week. They are getting married Saturday. He's paying Brian's standard fee, plus a printing fee, plus a bonus for it being such short notice.

They are starting work on an app game (can't say much about it, it's a secret!) in July and want to get it finished by August 1. Zach is going to start paying everyone who is working on the game, as well as giving them a cut if/when it sells. So I'll be beseeching you all to purchase this game! Brian's pretty stoked about it. Zach really has done his homework and has laid everything out. He's definitely a go-getter.

Big, potential opportunity #2!

We were at the car shop getting my car looked at the other day and started chatting to a lady who was waiting on hers. I saw that she was a teacher for the local school district and we started talking about what she does. She is an event coordinator for the arts! How cool is that? She sets up all the events for all the various arts (band/choir, art shows, etc) for the calendar year. She is also in charge of hiring people to come in to the school and teach "ensemble art classes" to children who have signed up.

They do everything from pottery, puppetry, drawing, painting etc and so forth. She asked to see Brian's card, and asked him if he would be interested. Naturally, he asked if it was volunteer work or not. She said that some volunteer but others they pay. And the pay rate is pretty exciting! It's a 1 hour class, once a week, for 9 to 18 weeks. And it pays $22 an hour. So he could make over $200 just teaching little kids how to draw! How cool is that?? She said she might not be able to get him in for this school year, but maybe next summer and she will definitely keep in touch.

While I can lament that no one will hire me, I cannot be too sullen because I am being awarded other opportunities. Seeing Brian's art really take off that has made me so happy. It's every artist's dream that someone will say "I'd buy that!" and now we are getting lots of those offers and nibbles from bigger fish.

I don't know that Brian would want to teach art always, but he would definitely enjoy the opportunity.

So yes, I am blessed.

What are you thankful for?


  1. I'm thankful for understanding friends and family! We've just STARTED to break the "E" news to family and friends, and they are all taking it REALLY well.
    I'm REALLY thankful for time with My Sailor. We have a little over a month to squish some awesome quality time in!
    I'm thankful for the natural beauty that is all around me here in WA.

  2. Good luck with all these exciting potential business ventures!

    It's so hard to be positive sometimes but sometimes a change in attitude is all it takes to put everything in perspective.

    I hope everything works out for you! You deserve it.


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