Saturday, June 11, 2011

Monster Truck Rally

My dad conned my husband into a monster truck rally today.

I say "conned" but he went of his own free will...

I say "conned" because it turned out to be a shitty little display of big trucks not doing a whole hell of a lot. Now, I might be a little weird... but I love it when monster trucks squish cars beneath them. I love demolition derbies. I especially hate cars, so that is why it's weird. I don't care if that's a Mazda, or a Mercedes, or an Audi. I am not impressed with shiny cars.

I'm thrilled when they all meet their end violently! :)

But I couldn't go. Which is okay, because from the sound of it, it sucked big time. Even my dad was saying how it was a shitty little thing and that he was "ready to get the hell out of there." <- Direct quote.

My husband isn't much for cars or ...manly things in general.... being an artist and all. But I love that he is trying to embrace that side and connect with my dad. I know that he didn't have much in the way of manly experience previously. My dad taught him how to change the oil (seriously), change an alternator (just last week!) and they are going to events together. Just the two of them. Bliss. This summer they also have made plans to go fishing. Thank god because I sure as heck don't want to go.

It's like my dad got the son he never had when I got married. And with a grandson on the way... well hopefully he will do all the same :)

PS: I'd like to amend that Brian knows how to change the brakes on a car, and that he is really good at fixing stuff around the house. He's very handy.

I'm off to watch more Criss Angel on Netflix.

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  1. WooT! Manly 'bondage' time is fabulous. I hope that it continues to pay off. It's always nice to have family get along well.


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