Friday, June 10, 2011

Storms and Blood

This morning there were some very loud thunderstorms going on. I wouldn't have noticed, except I woke up covered in blood. Apparently I got a nosebleed? I didn't know this until I rubbed my nose, felt all wet, and then looked at my hand. I was covered in blood.


I get cleaned up and then go back to sleep. Except I can't. Max is in his crate and he keeps jumping up every time it thunders. It's thundering every 30 seconds. He doesn't have any blanket or anything in his crate because he keeps destroying it, so it's irritating to hear him clattering around.

I let him out, thinking he will calm down if he is allowed to sleep on the bed with us. No. I was WRONG.

He keeps jumping up every time it thundered. It is thundering every 30 seconds. Brian and I take turns holding him, petting his head, telling him what a good boy, what a brave boy he is... nada.

Finally, my tired mind thinks oh PEANUT BUTTER. If I give him some peanut butter in his kong, then he won't care about the storm. I fill his kong with peanut butter. He's all happy, dancing around. I put it down. He's licking slurp slurp slurp! It's still booming out side... he doesn't care!


Except I can't sleep now. His grotesque slurps are driving me insane.

Brian can't sleep either. If I don't sleep, he doesn't sleep. He's weird like that.

Brian puts his crate in the living room, puts the dog and his sticky, slobbery Kong in there too. Finally. Peace and quiet.

It's 6:30 Am.

Blessed sleep, come back to me...


Except the construction trucks start up, and start backing up.

I just turn on my laptop, blast an audio book, and black out. I can't stand monotonous sounds.

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  1. That was seriously like the worst night of sleep EVAR.


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