Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Rewarding Goal

Hubby and I ran into a friend at the grocery store. This friend is originally from Bosnia but has become a US Citizen. He told us today that he is going to apply to be a police officer. He said that he originally wanted to join the US Military but was not a legal citizen at the time, so he couldn't. Now he's too old. Ha! Anyway, he said the process will take him about 2 years but he's really looking forward to it.

We wished him luck and hope that he gets it.

We were talking about how it's nice to have goals, on our way home. I was joking, and told Brian that "it's nice to have goals, I almost remember what that is like!" He laughed and told me that he knows I have goals, but they are put on hold. I said "yeah now that I am going to be a mother, it seems like everything is getting shoved aside."

He said the funniest thing...

"Being a mother is a great goal. And probably the most rewarding!"


Isn't that funny?

Like suddenly because I'm a mother I have to put all my goals aside. Sure I'll never be a supermodel or anything... but I mean, seriously. I'm not restricted to do nothing meaningful with my life that is not related to children hehe... I'm still going to do something!

Isn't he cute!

But no, I'm not upset with him... I just thought it was funny and had to share, bloggy friends. :)

Tell me what your rewarding goals are


  1. Ya know, I agree... being a mother is a wonderful goal. I understand how it can be twisted and misread. But I also can see how it was meant to be taken. You guys will be the cutest parents ever!! I can't wait to see baby pics!! Have you guys started picking out names yet?!

  2. You're completely right. To bare my soul a little bit: It's my one fear of becoming a parent - losing who I am and just becoming a "title". I know some women feel this way becoming a "wife". But I know that fear is COMPLETELY irrational. I mean, look at all the amazing women out there who contribute their special spark to the world - both as mothers and as amazing women in general?! You're about to join their ranks!

  3. Sigh....I didn't mean it like that really.


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