Monday, July 4, 2011

125 Pages

Oh man... so I started the simulated practice test for this new job and apparently... its a little tougher than I thought lol :)

I really need to study the guidelines. There are 125 pages of rules, examples, and exceptions. I stupidly printed them off... and now I'm waiting for it to finish printing. I guess I'll go to the store and grab a binder, highlighters, and a hole punch so I can at least be organized. It's an open book exam so I'm not too worried. I also need to pick up Brian a tie for the wedding. I found a nice one at Wal-Mart for 1/4th of what JCPenney wanted for the same tie... so I'll be headed out there to snatch it up!

Thank goodness for ATMs too, because I don't like using cash and I need to deposit a lot of it, so that will be a fun experience as well....

Then its back to here, to sit and study and highlight and play with colors... while I try to figure out exactly what it is I am supposed to be doing.

The first part of the exam is just over the guidelines, and it's 24 questions that covers 125 pages... talk about condensed! Also, to me, that means a lot of sifting to find the right answers. The second part (which I only get if I pass the first part) is 144 theoretical queries. I have until Monday, July 11th 00:01 PST to complete both parts.  I'm also going to be out of town from Friday, July 8th, to Sunday, July 10th, with NO internet access.............

So today is a study day, Tuesday is a partial study day/part 1 of the exam, and Wednesday is waiting for the results, Thursday will be exam part 2... and the weekend will be for simultaneously panicking if I got the job/ celebrating my best friend's marriage... it should be fun!

I still got 75 pages to go...

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