Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Skinny Jeans Don't Fit No More

Oh happy day! I put on my pair of skinny jeans today and they don't fit anymore! I can get them up my legs, thighs, and bum, but when it comes to buttoning them across my waist... well fu'geddaboudit!

I was a little concerned at first, but I still weigh less than I did when I bought them and I haven't gained any weight... which means one thing!


That's right!

It's here (barely!)

The only way you can tell is my tummy sticks out just a smidge further than my larger than life boobies, and my stomach is rounded out a little more... my flab doesn't look quite so flabby... its turning into a beautiful baby bump.

At almost 4 months, I'm surprised it took this long hehe :)

In other news, I took a 20-30 minute walk outside with the hubster and the pupster and I was walking faster than both of them, I even jogged for about 45 seconds! I definitely have a lot more energy! Ask me again how I'm feeling in about an hour and a half when I crash from the adrenaline high ;)

I may have gotten a little sun too, my arms feel tingly like they do when they are on the verge of burning... so it will be SPF 50 for me when we go out again in 45 minutes for Brian to get his hair cut.

I'm feeling very refreshed and full of energy lately... It's hard to sit still. It's partly the weather (BEAUTIFUL), partly the upcoming wedding weekend (Can't wait!) and partly because I'm past that pesky first trimester.

Have a great day! Enjoy the weather!


  1. Awesome! It's been BEAUTIFUL out here lately. The dog and I are having a hard time being inside and working!

  2. :) Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Awwww how awesome!! Baby bump!!! ;)


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