Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Apartment... I hate you.

Oh I am being bad and taking a little break from cleaning. With only today and tomorrow to finish up before we're gone for three days, it seems like I still have so much to do, when in reality, it's not all that much. I have to vacuum, clean bathrooms, and finish scouring the kitchen.


But today there is a little more drama going on with the apartment... and this comes from the management. When we switched over apartments in March, we kept our same lease. Which meant, until September 2011, we were paying $630 ($615 for the apartment, plus $15 for pet rent). The new apartment is much nicer, with newer appliances and the normal rent on it is $635, add in the pet rent and that will bring us up to $650.

I got a call today from the office that we owed them $5? And when can you pay us this? Uhm... How much did I write the check for?

Her: "$630"

Long pause....

Me: "That's how much my rent is." (trying not to get snarky)

Her: "No, it's not. It's $635"

Long pause....

Me, confused: "Then why is it $635 all of a sudden?"

Now it was her turn to pause....

Me: "I mean, we switched apartments in March, but it was agreed that we kept our current lease, since we were only 6 months into it."

Her: "Oh. Okay. Well you are already getting a $15 discount on the apartment, plus the $15 for pet rent, and that brings you up to $635." (635-15=620+15=635)

Me: "Hmm no, that's not right. We were in [old apartment] and our rent, with pet rent, was $630, and [owner] said that when we moved, we would keep our current lease and rent payment until it was up in September."

Her: "Hmmm... well I'll give her a call and find out what's going on."

Me: "Okay, well call me back and let me know. I'll cut you a check for $5 if I have to." <-- WTF... it's $5... I paid $630.... but whatever.

Her: "I'll call back if its an issue."

Me: "Okay thanks."

...To be fair, I over paid by $5 two months ago... but that means um... I should have a $5 credit not a balance due lol

....Oh apartment life. I'll be so glad to be done with you.

Now I have to finish sorting some laundry and make some chicken salad sandwiches (Yummy!) with REAL mayo :P

PS my regular jeans don't fit me anymore either (and it's not the mayo!) so I'm wearing stretchy yoga pants and capris. Lol :(


  1. Yeah - I can't wait to rent a house again! Even a well constructed townhouse would be nice...

    I LOVE MY YOGA PANTS. lol I live in them. :)

  2. I hate apartment issues. I've been living in apartments since 2004 during college and currently.

    I can't wait to be a homeowner but I'm sure they'll be headaches with that too.

    Have a wonderful week! It's almost the weekend.


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