Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Empress Needs New Clothes

Okay... it's official. I need new clothes. And I am not happy about it... well I love shopping, but I'm pretty bummed.

All of my jeans don't fit anymore. My tops aren't long enough any more. I feel very.... "fat". I know I'm not. I weigh the same as I did pre pregnancy. I know I have a baby bump starting to show. But I am getting mixed messages from my brain.

I'm happy to buy new clothes. And I don't really mind the bigger sizes/maternity wear... I'm just sad. Sad that I have nothing to wear.

I feel so mismatched and out of sorts. I am pretty much reduced to 1 pair of work out capris and 1 pair of work out pants, and that's about... it. I have a pair of shorts but I'm not crazy over them. I have a few shirts that are long enough for my tummy but only barely.

I'm going shopping, dammit.

We are actually doing really well this month money wise, and Brian is getting a check for a commission, so we deemed this "clothes money" and we are going to go clothes shopping. Both of us. He wants new clothes too. So off we go!

I'm actually looking at right now in their maternity section and it's a little impressive. Not really GOBS of clothing, but more than I expected. And so cheap too! I bought a flowy cardigan top with a tank top and a pair of maternity shorts, both on clearance, for under $20. There were some other clothes I really liked but I could only buy 2 right now! don't worry.... they're on my wish list!

I'm also going to check out Gordman's too. The last time I was there and bought some clothes, I ended up in the maternity section (accidentally!) and kept marveling at how cute the maternity clothes were there, so I'm going now that I am knocked up!

I don't know where Brian will want to shop. I'm pretty sure he will like Gordman's. And he will like Walmart too. I don't know if he will want to go to Kohl's or not. He's weird when it comes to clothes shopping. He's all into polos now so he might just go to Goodwill and buy out their stock! (at $4 a shirt... yes please!) Unfortunately, there wasn't a great selection for bigger ladies/pregnant ladies last time I went but that doesn't mean I won't look!

Hmmmm  I should probably tell Brian I bought some clothes online... he will be happy I got only 2 items and they were both on clearance. Now that summer is officially over (according to stores) it's a great time to get things on the cheap!

I'm not going to go crazy with maternity wear, since it's such a fleeting experience. I got those shorts which will only last this summer, but I'm also going to buy more "active wear" like leggings and yoga pants because those are really forgiving. When fall/winter hit, I'm going to get a pair or two of pants, but I am just going to buy bigger tops instead of maternity cuts. There are also empire waists, which make *anyone* look flowy and pregnant.

Oh the woes of the pregnant lol


  1. Man, I so want to go shopping, but I don't have a good excuse. Being prego, like an awesome ticket to new clothes land!! ;) Which yay for baby bump! I know you said you are getting mixed signals from your brain, tell it to STFU! Awww... baby bumps are so cute. :)

  2. Trisha I am so excited to go shopping. I haven't been in... forever! I actually had gotten rid of all my bigger clothes because I thought I wouldn't need them! d'oh!

  3. LOL I always thought that Empire waists make me look preggers! lol I heard I was crazy, but nope. They make everyone wonder what's under that fabric.


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