Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glorious Day

As you can tell from the title dear bloggy friends I am out of my funk of the previous night. After eating 4 Eggo waffles with syrup and butter, I figured it was time for bed. I let out all of my frustration and fears before sleeping and really talked myself through it. I ate the waffles because I was hungry.

Aside from a lot of head congestion, a minor sore throat, and a temperature on the verge of "fever" I am in a great mood today. I got paid, and I didn't even know it. The one bank account sends me constant emails to let me know where I am money wise. Here's your daily account balance! Oh hey, a deposit was made to your account over $100 limit you set! etc, etc. The other bank account doesn't, because I haven't set it up. So I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was paid 3 days early (gotta love direct deposit) and I hadn't even noticed!

I sat down at the computer with Google Calendar, the calculator, and my bank account open. I took out my debit card/ check book, opened up each bill website in a different tab, and started paying them all. I wrote down  how much more I had to pay than just the minimums. Some of the bills I didn't have enough to pay all of the minimum last month, so it was carried over to this month. I knocked out everything except my car payment, Netflix (which comes out automatically next week) and rent due on August 1. Wow! Just... wow. It felt great to be able to pay everything.

Brian also gets 2 more paychecks this month, a check for a commission he's done, and he's been working 30-35 hours a week lately. He makes really good tips, about $10 an hour. Since he's been working a few 9 hour days you can imagine my delight when he comes home and hands me a big wad of cash :)

Also, even though it's 3 weeks late, we are celebrating this Sunday with his parent's for his birthday and his brother's birthday... so likely he will get some birthday cash as well :)

They say money can't buy happiness, but it sure can set the mood. I haven't been this happy (or this able) to pay all of our bills for a few months. I forgot how nice it was!

I'm off to study for my exam. I got 2 days to prep for it, and it's open book so I'll be fine. :) I'm going to start making some home made mashed potatoes and chicken & noodles. Yes it is 90 degrees out. But I want comfort food today :)

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