Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday friends!

It's a great day, despite the events of last night. I was sick as a dog. Or at least, as sick as a sick dog. I hate being sick. I spent all night fighting it... but lost, inevitably.

But enough of that. I am not one to dwell on the past because it just makes me worry so I'm all about today! It's been a good good day, we are scraping enough money together for rent! Brian made $140 this week so far, and he has another long night tonight too.

I'm hanging out with a friend today. Hopefully. I'm really tired and not feeling the greatest but its been a while since I have seen her. Hoping to get in a quick nap and maybe feel a little better.

She works until 5 and will probably want to shower and etc before she comes over, and it's 3 now... so that means she will probably call around 6... plenty of time for a quick little cat nap.

Here's to hoping that your day is going well too. And if it's not? don't dwell on it!

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  1. Hey - shoot me an e-mail I have 2 commissions I am thinking about for your hubby! Hope he's a Disney fan! :)


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