Tuesday, July 26, 2011

....That's Annoying

So there is this... 16 year old or thereabouts chick at Brian's work. Let's call her... Red.She happens to be pregnant. And she also happens to flirt with Brian a lot. Anyway, today she was asking Brian why he was waiting around after he got off work and he said that he was waiting on a pizza.

Red: Oh, so what's your wife's favorite kind of pizza?
Brian: BBQ Chicken.
Red: ....that's annoying.
Brian: *stared at her funny* (thinking: why would her favorite pizza be annoying?)

Red: So you didn't even know I was pregnant?
Brian: No, why would I?
Red: You couldn't see my belly?
Brian: No I don't look down when I walk.
Red: So all you see is my red hair?
Brian: Yeah.
Red:  What color is your wife's hair?
Brian: Light brown, but she likes to be blonde.
Red: She dyes her hair? That's annoying.
Brian: Why?
Red: Women who dye their hair are fake.
Brian: She doesn't bleach it white or anything, it's just highlights.

I guess she is always asking Brian about me, and then says something along the lines of "oh that's annoying" for every little thing. Brian was wondering why she would ask about me, and I told him it's 16 year old logic. She thinks that if she puts me down enough, that Brian will start to think that she is better than me, whether or not she's trying to get in his pants, I don't think it matters.

This girl has never met me. So I'm not worried. As she isn't even out of high school yet and already knocked up, I'm sure she has other things she needs to worry about hehe.

All Brian had to say about the situation was...

"That's Annoying!" :)

I'm slightly annoyed myself, but not really... I remember being 16 and thinking if I put down this boy's girlfriend then he would think I was the better choice (naturally) ...what I didn't realize at the time though, it just makes you look catty. She's got a lot of growing up to do (like all teens) so I'm just going to shrug it off and laugh. I told Brian though, if she asks after me again, to just say "why does it matter?" because really, she doesn't need to know anything about me if she's just going to put me down in front of my husband without me to defend myself. And also, Brian gets mad. So instead of giving her fuel, he's just going to shut her down every time and not say anything.

...And no, Brian doesn't like BBQ chicken pizza. But that's why we get half and half. I do BBQ and he does pepperoni with sausage.


  1. All I can think of...


    It is actually pretty funny. I can see how it would be annoying, but, we were silly young gals once before and like you said, we did the same stupid crap that is happening for them.

    Also, do you know how many fake women are in the world right now?! Damn. I think I have seen 100+ already today. Now I know, ladies who color treat their hair are fake... Oh, does that go for me to?? Well, cool beans!! We are totally fake be-otches together!! Woot woot!!

    And also, GROSS!! I am with Brian on the pizza.. BBQ?! Please tell me that is one of those weird things preggo women eat... and that you actually never REALLY liked it ;)

  2. BBQ chicken pizza sounds SO good! Do you like pineapple pizza?! I love that, too. And peppers, too. Mushrooms! I love pizza. I think we're getting some on friday! WEEEEE. MMMM. Yeah, the gal's a kid. A pregnant kid. Disturbing.

  3. Mmm, BBQ pizza. My favorite is pepperoni and pineapple.

    And hah, I love how she thinks her and her baby would be better than you and Brian's own baby!

    Kids say the darndest things.

  4. Wow... I've NEVER done that. I guess I was born more mature than that. lol (but it wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of being an "old soul"). Most of the time, I'd actually support the relationship someone I was interested in was having (because I'd rather see them happy than with me, so if they are happy, I'm happy). I'd either support the relationship, or say nothing about it. I NEVER ask my co-workers about their marriages unless they bring it up.

    Gah - Immaturity... no wonder all teenage girls are considered crazy.


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