Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Oh man I had a great time in Evansville. My best friend got married and I cried like a ninny from the moment I walked down the aisle to stand and wait for her to come through the doors... to the moment he kissed his bride... and again when they left on their honeymoon.

My best friend is married.

I'm so happy for her!


We had a great time, it really helped my parents were there too, otherwise it would have been a very lonely trip for Brian. I had to be at the church at noon and the wedding was at 3:30. We didn't know anyone else, except Kayla's family, and they were all so busy we barely spoke two words to them.

We made it there and back on $75 of gas (quite impressive really! considering gas was $3.75 a gallon and we drove nearly 800 miles round trip!)

It was a nice little vacation and I loved loved loved our hotel room. I really hope that we can go back :)

I missed my doggy too much though! :(

Have a great Sunday guys... tomorrow I'll know for sure if I got in at the new job or not, as tonight was the deadline for the exam (which I had submitted Thursday night) Surprisingly I didn't worry about it much at all on the trip but now that I'm home ... lol :)


  1. we had a fun time too i think we cried more at kaylas then your wedding, probably because she is going to live so far away from us was a great time though


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