Thursday, July 14, 2011

Iron, Woman!

At the wedding this past weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking to Kayla's sisters-in-law about their relative pregnancies. I was talking to E, whose son is just nearing 2, and she mentioned to me that it sounded to her like I needed to up my iron intake.

It's a common issue for pregnant women to become anemic, and that's because what little iron stores we had are rapidly used up by the parasite baby and we don't replenish them as often. Now, I am probably not anemic, because I had blood drawn 3 weeks ago and was not told of any issues (including anemia, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, etc) so I am pretty sure I am in the green there. But she said that she felt so tired all the time, that even taking the stairs (!!) made her have to stop and catch her breath (sound familiar?) and she's a woman who is a marathon runner (I think.... or at least runs races regularly)

The other sister, A, said that she had gestational diabetes with both of her boys (now 11 and 7? I think) and that it was really bad. I'm so glad I haven't had the pleasure of dealing with it.

I noticed the other day that I am getting really tired again lately, and E's advice came back to me.. that I might need an iron supplement. I then remembered I haven't taken my prenatal since we got back from the wedding on Sunday. It's Thursday night. I checked the label, and there is 27g of iron in the vitamin, which is 150% DRV. I think if I just took my vitamin every day, consistently, I would notice less tiredness.

I'm trying to be a good pregger momma but it's hard, especially when I get all ADD and forget what vitamins are?? Out of sight, out of mind for me. I'll be placing these on my night stand so I don't forget them again!

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  1. I'm the SAME WAY about my pills. I have an alarm set on my phone to take my pills, and I try to keep them in plain sight. Like I'm using the African Mango supplement before meals, so I keep it on the dining room table. I take all my other pills once a day, so the alarm helps remind me to get off my butt and head into the bathroom and take my pills (2 calcium supplements that are high in Vit D, and "the pill"). I gotta wonder about my iron too. I think I might be a little bit depressed, but I'll blog about that in a few.


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