Monday, August 22, 2011

Anxiety over baby

Well I have gone and done it. Finally had my first real panic attack where I am worrying about absolutely nothing.

I've been pretty laid back so far during this pregnancy. How can we afford this baby? We'll manage. What happens if I can't deliver naturally? We'll manage.

You know, things that most moms worry about and I just seem to let it go... any way... I was looking things up online and reading birth stories. I like to read them so I can kind of figure out what's normal and what is a true emergency, and it turns out that not a lot of things are actual emergencies. So helpful.

Then I found an article on identifying when labor will start, and what the stages are etc, and so forth. I read the whole article, which was all very informative, and then I freaked the EFF out.

Normally I can process medical/anatomical articles really well. Pictures don't really both me. I am pretty good at looking at it objectively... but not today, I guess. I must be having a pregnant day, because I got very upset when Brian was talking over a YouTube video I was watching on making home made pancakes. Nothing particularly important, but it really bothered me in the moment.

It's been a few hours since I have read the article and I've processed the information, and now I am fine. I just seemed to be very overwhelmed at the time.

I think it's because it's hitting home. We are buying a crib on Wednesday. (A great deal, $50 for the crib and mattress, and sheets!) so I think it's just a little anxiety over that.

Nothing to worry about. Now I need a nap. I'm out of caffeine for the day and still have a headache so I am going to lay down and pray to who ever is listening that my head will stop. hurting. now.

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